Ok, so i’ve been super busy this week, getting back with my boyfriend, moving back to his house, trying to switch from Virgin Media to Sky whilst my bank tends to think i’m overdrawn every month although I only put money in, not take any out, and since my internet is now cancelled I can hardly access it unless my boyfriend puts his phone down and I manage to steal it. It’s stupendously annoying. Since I haven’t posted a single post this week you deserve a great one, right? Well that’s too bad because my brain has been worked too much this week I haven’t had much time (or money) to get new products, try them out or do a tutorial and such. HOWEVER, spring is here and here a few things to do during spring!


Treat yourself to a pamper day.

  • Sprinkle fragrant flower petals in your bath.
  • Make a face mask with fruits and lavender.
  • If the weather permits, head down to a beach – sand is a great, free way to exfoliate.
  • Make a hair mask with either egg yolks with warm water (not boiling otherwise you’ll look like you fell asleep in a full English), beer with water or vinegar with water. Add some fragrant flowers to leave your hair beautifully soft and smelly.

Make accessories with flowers.

Daisy chains are for 3 year olds. Be experimental with your favourite flowers in your garden or park – make headbands, bracelets, necklaces or even make a little corsage, stick it to a bobby pin and use it as a hair accessory!

Use the season for inspiration for fresh, new make-up looks!

When new seasons hit, you can never have make-up block! Look outside, soak up the scenery and within a couple of seconds your bound to have been hit with a wave of inspiration for a lovely new look!



Got any other ideas for spring time? Let me know 😉

Ellie.. xx



Sorry about the tutorial :(

HEY!!! Basically, over the weekend me and my boyfriend went through a rough patch and the day before yesterday I was moving all my stuff out from his house so I haven’t out the tutorial on. I’m so bad at promises! Anyway, give me a week or so and it shall be on!!! To make up for my stupidness have a look at this smokey eye turoial from macNC40. I LOVE smokey eyes and this tutorial is FABULOUS!


Something for the guys…

Ok, so male grooming is a touchy subject… hair wax and moisturiser is ok, guyliner and manscara… going a little too far. I decided to interview my boyfriend to find out his secret daily regime and ask if he fancies Gavin Henson… BUT first of all a quick note about tutorial videos… they WILL be up soon (hopefully this weekend) so keep posted!

So, Adam, what does your daily grooming regime consist of?

I get up, shower, put some wax in my hair, mess it up, shave my face when I need to and occasionally I let you put a face mask on me. Don’t put that on your blog…

What do you think of the metrosexual (think – Gavin Henson) look?

Each to their own really, but it does look well camp. I’d rather Battlefield 3 then a years supply of baby wipes.

What’s your worst beauty disaster and how do you combat it?

Spots… I let you sort that out really… You buy me shine control moisturiser and blackhead face scrub…

Finally, how far do you think is ‘too far’ for a guy to pretty up?

If he does more than me…


OKAYYYY. So maybe he wasn’t so helpful but my tip is – do what makes you comfortable. Shave your legs, wear fake tan – heck, even wear a skirt if you want to… if you feel good you’ll think you look good (even if we don’t) and you’ll feel confident… you might even find the special someone who likes you for you… you don’t want to live having to change for someone 🙂


Ellie.. xx

Alrighty then… guess what i’m gonna do tomorrow!

Thursday tomorrow, one of my days off uni :D:D:D Still have to wake up at 8ish because i’ve got a hospital appointment for a consultation… i’m getting jaw surgey :O If I am back by an early-ish time after hanging out with my gramps and grandma and going to the carvery I will do my first EVER make-up tutorial in video mode! EXCITING, RIGHT? Well, this was a short post so i’m gonna long it out by a nice pretty picture… This is kind of similar to the tattoo I want… comment with your ideas on tattoos 😀


Ellie.. xx


Why would you want to have a cookery lesson on a beauty blog? For several reasons is that answer! Eating good foods makes your skin healthy and you can use foods for face masks! So scroll through this blog for avocado recipes you eat and slather on your face if you wish!



1) Peel and cut avocado in to bitesize pieces.

2) Chop a little gem lettuce into bitesize pieces.

3) Do the same to a beef tomato, half a cucumber and crush a garlic clove.

4) Add some mozzerela pearls and a handful of green grapes.

5) Drizzle some olive oil and a couple of drops of balsamic vinegar along with some cracked black pepper to taste.

How many of your 5 a day there, ey?



1) Mash up a peeled avocado.

2) Add around 6 level tablespoons of sugar.

3) Add 2 teaspoons of instant coffee.

4) Pour in approx. 50ml of hot water.

5) Mix it up and stick it on your mush.

6) Wait 3-5 mins.

7) Wash it off.

The avocado has beautifying anti-oxidants, the sugar exfoliates and the coffee contains caffeine which wakes up your tired face 😀


Know any other recipes with foods you can eat or wear?! Let me know 😀




Ok, so this is not a tutorial.

I decided i’m not going to do a tutorial today… after all I am in uni and if I carried all my make-up to uni i’m sure my handbag would of stopped the blood flowing round my arms and then I would of dropped to the floor at King’s Cross station crying my eyes out because my arm had decided to fall off. Plus, I think my teacher would of foudn it weird if I turned my desk into a beauty counter…



I’ve decided i’m gonna film my tutorials, slap ’em on YouTube and post the links on my blog.

Yeah, you know it’s pretty damn amazing.


SO- this is a short post. Much a ‘do about nothing so let me bulk it out with a thought I came up with a couple of weeks ago.


This alwaaayyys happens to me. I hate having super days because my day is super amazing yet I know for about the next 3ish days i’m gonna have crap ones.

No word of a lie – it happens.

I have certain clothes and underwear that i’m too scared to wear as well ’cause I always have a bad day in them.

TMI? Sorry.

Well, anyways – comment me with some thoughts that you have or something that always happens to you. Make it more interesting than my theory – it wouldn’t be hard 😉

Ellie.. xx

Tutorial time :D Nude Mood.

This make-up look is perfect for an everyday pretty look. Think light pinks and chocolatey browns.

Step 1) After applying foundation, blend a pink blusher with a tan bronzer and apply to your cheekbones, I used Benefit’s ‘Dandelion’ for my pink shade and Benefit’s ‘Hoola’ for my brown shade.

Step 2) Apply a shimmery baby pink or off-white to the whole socket blending upwards to the brow bone in a diagonal motion so only the outer third of your brown bone has shadow. I used Benefit’s velvet eyeshadow in ‘Leggy’.

Step 3) Use a slightly darker matte pink with a hint of brown for the outer 2/3 of the socket, not blending to the brow bone. I used Front Cover’s satin pressed in ‘Brown Peach’.

Step 4) For the outer corners, blend a small amount (about the outer 1/6 of your socket) of dark brown. Blend further towards the inner corners but not going past the last 1/3 of the outer corners if you prefer a more blended, intense look. I used Benefit’s velvet eyeshadow in ‘Dandy Brandy’.

Step 5) Use ONLY a lengthening mascara (volume mascara can look too dramatic for our soft look) for your lashes.

Step 6) Use a nudey pink lipstick and apply generously. I used Revlon’s Vital Radiance in ‘Sparkling Pink’.

Step 7) Using a lip brush, apply some shimmering pink lipgloss. I used Ted Baker’s Liquid Lip Color S’lip. There was no name for the shade.


I’ll post pictures up later 🙂


Maybe another tutorial next time… keep posted!

Ellie.. xx


So another post of how eventful my life is.

I’ve done sooo much today it’s incredible.

I woke up.

I had a cigarette.

I went to the toilet.

I had a bowl of sugar puffs.

I showered.

I got changed.

I sat on the bed.

I turned the TV on.

I turned the laptop on.



OMGOMGOMG. I’m exhausted just thinking about how much i’ve done today 😐

It’s beautiful weather and my boyfriend does not want a picnic.

He doesn’t even want to walk which is strange because he likes to walk in bad weather so why not in sunshine?

I think I should nap… that way I can actually do something even if it is just in my dreams…


Ok, that’s random but I like courgettes and I wouldn’t be sat doing nothing… ok that’s a lie…





Okay, Mother’s Day. I’m freaking out. I find my Mother one of the worst people to shop for. I can’t just get her a massive box of Thornton’s this month because she’s on a “diet” so i’m stumped. She can’t lie either so i’ll know if she hates her present. But I have thought long and hard about make-up because she can’t step foot out of the door without make-up – but again, make-up is going to be tricky because she has expensive taste. If, like me, your Mum is hard work read on…


EYES LIPS FACE. One name that will be a god-send. This is a pretty trendy brand of make-up that hasn’t been running since the 50’s and it’s super cheap. Most items are only £1.50 so you can get a brand new closet full of make-up for a pittance. I meant closet by the way, you read correctly.

I’m going to list a few things i’m thinking of buying my Mum just in case you don’t know how to mix&match.


They sell gift sets and my Mum LOVES mineral make-up so this starter kit for only £15 is fabulous! Foundation, concealer, blush, total face brush, bronzing brush AND canvas case. It’s so amazing I feel like squealing just writing it!

All these following items are only £1.50 each so in total… £6!!! Total face brush, pressed powder, brightening eye liner and lipstick!


So, head down to http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk to buy your fussy Mum a perfect present for pennies!

Ellie.. xx

Lauren Luke.

Make-up artist Lauren Luke is probably best known for her YouTube videos where she is known as Panacea81. I started watching her videos years ago and have always been checking her channel for the best new looks and I couldn’t help but subscribe when I saw how quick and easy her amazing make-up tutorials were!

Check her whole story at http://laurenluke.com/my_story/ it’s really interesting.

She even sells her own products at affordable prices: https://laurenluke.com/shop/

Or if you just want to browse her whole website just visit http://www.laurenluke.com/

I can’t recommend her YouTube videos enough! http://www.youtube.com/user/panacea81?ob=4&feature=results_main

Please check her out and you won’t be disappointed!