Okay, Mother’s Day. I’m freaking out. I find my Mother one of the worst people to shop for. I can’t just get her a massive box of Thornton’s this month because she’s on a “diet” so i’m stumped. She can’t lie either so i’ll know if she hates her present. But I have thought long and hard about make-up because she can’t step foot out of the door without make-up – but again, make-up is going to be tricky because she has expensive taste. If, like me, your Mum is hard work read on…


EYES LIPS FACE. One name that will be a god-send. This is a pretty trendy brand of make-up that hasn’t been running since the 50’s and it’s super cheap. Most items are only £1.50 so you can get a brand new closet full of make-up for a pittance. I meant closet by the way, you read correctly.

I’m going to list a few things i’m thinking of buying my Mum just in case you don’t know how to mix&match.


They sell gift sets and my Mum LOVES mineral make-up so this starter kit for only £15 is fabulous! Foundation, concealer, blush, total face brush, bronzing brush AND canvas case. It’s so amazing I feel like squealing just writing it!

All these following items are only £1.50 each so in total… £6!!! Total face brush, pressed powder, brightening eye liner and lipstick!


So, head down to to buy your fussy Mum a perfect present for pennies!

Ellie.. xx


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