Me and my Sodastream… and baby wipes.

Back to uni tomorrow. Joy. Anyway, just thought i’d tell you all about a fantastic invention called a Sodastream that was made in about the 70s or 80s or something and they bought it back out recently. I got one for Christmas and I love it. It makes water fizzy adn you add loads of different flavours so you can make your own Diet Coke. Yeah, it’s awesome.


Ok, so on the beauty side of things… BABY WIPES.

When I couldn’t find any make-up wipes in McColl’s the other day, I was obligated to buy Huggies Pure wipes. Not too shabby.


Granted I was only wearing foundation and Great Lash mascara by Maybelline (good for seperation) but it took it off relatively easily and didn’t sting my eyes and make them all red and puffy and unattractive. It was gently on my eye’s and skin and they are sooo cute. The teddies on the wipes made me cry because it was that adorable.


All in all, something that cleans a baby’s bottom is not too bad to remove make-up. It was like almost £3 for the pack with 64 wipes. (Random number, I know, why not 65 or 6o?) So they were really cheap  and good quality – they were durable.


Baby wipes are so versatile for cleaning not only your make-up, but for cleaning anything really and the pack says “gentle cleaning likr cotton wool and water” but it’s 10x better and taking make-up off your mush.


I would try them out for yourself really instead of forking out £4 for 25 make-up wipes.


The pack has a cute baby on too so you can use the make-up wipe for wiping off your broody tears.


Just purely for your viewing pleasure here’s some pics of the wipe but i’m covering my face because i’m make-up less right now. As we are speaking, I have zero make-up, bed hair and in my onesie – which is totally cute by the way but being 5ft 3″ – even a size 6 is too long.


Snapshot_20130106 Snapshot_20130106_1

See the teddies, aren’t they beaut?


So anyways, off to watch some TV whilst wondering about how extremely fun uni will be tomorrow… 3 hours on the train for a 1 hour lesson – ridiculous I know.


Ellie.. xx


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