Revlon Nearly Naked.

HEYHEYHEY! I have been so busy that I just have not had a spare minute in the day to post! Anyway, i’ve mentioned this foundation in my tutorials before and said it’s hardly any coverage – but things have changed! I’ve started to use a bit more of this foundation, replacing my Dream Nude Foam by Maybelline with it. After I actually have it a chance, using it as a normal foundation – I realised the coverage is amazing! My skin looks flawless but so natural!


Texture: Normal liquid foundation.

Feel on skin: Light.

Coverage: PERFECT! Flawless but natural.

Price: £8.99 . Quite pricey.

Bad points: A little bit pricey.

Good points: SO MANY! The look, the feel…

To buy or not to buy: I got it from Hello! as one of my gifts so it was free – I probably would buy it again when I have the money!

Star rating: ****and a half out of *****


Ellie.. xx

Make-up for a pound? MUA VS Benefit review.

MUA is short for Makeup Academy. MUA is a little brand that seems to be exclusive to Superdrug and the majority of their cosmetics are only a pound. Since I ran out of Magic Ink by Benefit and I wasn’t exactly rolling in cash I thought i’d buy an MUA liquid liner and MUA pressed powder, both just a pound each.

Wasn’t all that impressed. The eyeliner looked good and stayed on for hours but I didn’t like the pointed nib – it was quite solid, it didn’t have a super-easy application like my Magic Ink and it’s super soft brush. However, that said – if you’re a pro at applying liquid liner then by all means MUA’s one is great! It’s £14.50 cheaper than Benefit’s (I know, ridiculous!) so if you can apply it well, then it’s great – stays on, isn’t flaky, looks good on so go for it! However, I will always love my Magic Ink, but MUA will have to do.

The powder? Pleasantly surprised. Good coverage, makes my foundation stick BUT it’s a little bit orange. The powder looks paler than my skin and because the case is sealed before you open it and they don’t have testers, you can’t try it. When I got home, I was sure I was gonna look a bit pale after applying it but far from it. Make sure to go for a couple of shades lighter if you buy it – then you’ll be cushty!

Sorry this was a quick post – very busy, long story, tell you later!

‘Til next time,

Ellie.. xx

Omg life is busy! The weather hates my face.

Ok, so I have not stopped lately. Seriously. I have moved back in with my parents, been doing assignments, looking for a job, hanging out with my sister, doing work around the house, doing odd jobs for my cousin, and much more! I have had no time to post on here for a while so I do apologise for that. ANYWAY – THE WEATHER. It’s playing havoc on my skin and that’s a common factor for a lot of people. It’s hot, then raining. Then hot again, oh wait, it’s raining again. SERIOUSLY WEATHER GIVE IT A REST.

You need to protect your skin. So please, indulge in these tips:

1) Use a spf moisturiser. Protects your skin from cold and sun. Win/win really.

2) Go light with the foundation. The heat can make the foundation want to kill your skin and the rain is just going to wash it off.

3) Use baby wipes. Huggies pure are amazing for removing makeup and super gentle on your unhappy skin.

4) Try removing your eye makeup with vaseline.

– Rub a bit of vaseline on your closed eye.

– Use a tissue to gently wipe away,

– Use a slightly damp tissue and wipe away again

– Repeat until eye makeup is removed.

It can take a bit longer but be gentle and it’s a super kind way to remove makeup and it moisturises your eye area.

5) Indulge in facial spas. Show your face that even the weather hates it, you still love it. And nothing will change that.


So, sorry this has been a short post but it’s 1 in the morning and I am still super busy. Time to empty the dishwasher.

‘Til next time,

Ellie.. xx

The great mistakes of make-up

It’s assignment time again in uni… hooray. I almost did a whole assignment today, then found out that I did it wrong. 3 hours of my life = wasted. Anyway, here is a little list of things you must know:

1) The overnight make-up.

This is something I never used to do. I slept in foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. BAD IDEA. I can’t even imagine going to bed with a single trace of make-up on my face now. A little while ago, I was at my sister’s place for a week and I didn’t take my make-up off before bed and my whole face got depressed and decided to take revenge by giving me spots. Your skin will feel so much better and look so much better if you just follow this advice – I cannot stress this enough!


2) The clogged up lashes.

You see them girls with so much mascara on that they look like they have 4 eyelashes. It’s due to clogging and it happens to all of us – even if you don’t have muchos mascara on. The trick, empty mascara. Eyelash combs aren’t bad for getting rid of the clogs but they cost money – empty mascara doesn’t. Don’t throw away mascara when it’s all been used up – it’s a cheaper way of getting rid of clogs and in my opinion, it works better than eyelash combs. Literally, just run it through your lashes and it separates them in no time!


3)  The chapped lips.

There’s nothing more disgusting then looking at your lips when you got lipstick on but realising your lips are flaking mega time. It’s grim. Sugar scrubs, old toothbrushes, lip balm – this will all help and should be done regularly! Another thing that I think should be done is ALWAYS apply a VERY THIN LAYER of lip balm on your chops before lipstick, lipgloss etc.


4) The ugly brows.

Guilty as charged, I neglect my brows. Lately though, the likes of Cara Delevingne have made me embrace my caterpillars and stop plucking. This said, they still need to look good – eyeshadows are a great alternative to the harsh eyebrow pencils. Dab a small eyebrow brush in an eyeshadow one shade darker than your brows, tap off excess until you can’t see the shadow on the brush and feather it through your brows. The shadow is invisible on your brush but makes a world of difference to the appearance of your brows.


5) The home made make-up.

Home made make-up is super cheap, super easy and you can make it however you like it. Here is a super simple lipgloss recipe:

1 tsp of vaseline or any petroleum jelly.

2 drops of red food colouring.

A pinch of glitter.


Mix the vaseline with the food colouring and glitter. Put into a small pot. Chill in the fridge for half an hour. Done.


You can choose your own food colouring and swap the glitter for a shimmer dust or leave it plain. That’s the great thing – you can make it your ideal shade and effect 🙂


6) The snob.

Never buy ONLY expensive make-up. It’s like an addiction. Luckily, I have never fallen in the trap of buying stuff from NARS or MAC only, but there are people on youtube who don’t use a single product under £5. Cheap make-up can be good make-up and buying more of the cheap stuff, you can experiment with new things all the time and find a cheaper staple item of your make-up bag. I love buying stuff from NYC or beautyuk because their stuff is cheap and amazing. My favourite pressed powder is from beautyuk and it’s under £2!


Anyway, that’s all I have for today lovelies because I am starving and I need to put a chicken pie in the oven, but til’ next time,

Ellie.. xx

Purple smokey eyes video tutorial

I messed up mega time on this one 😐 I forgot to do the liquid eyeliner BEFORE the mascara. I’m ill – forgive me. Anyway, yeah bad webcam still – but check it out and I hope you like it 😀



P.S: Just thought i’d let you know of a lady called JennaMarbles. Check her out on youtube cause she makes me laugh ALOT. I’m slightly addicted.


Til next time,

Ellie.. xx

Spotty Lady Luck

Okay, I won something… something quite bloody grand. A L’Oreal his and hers pamper pack. I got a L’Oreal Men Expert pure&matte scrub and hydra cream for the  boyfriend – and myself, well I only got a revitalift cream and VOLUME MILLION LASHES!!! I swear that mascara is like the ultimate volumiser! So all in all, thank you L’Oreal for being so fantastically kind 😀

On another note, I HAVE OILY SKIN?!?! I never have had oily skin but for the past week or two I have. It sucks. As always, my forehead needs to be scrubbed against sandpaper to feel soft but my chin, nose, upper lip and partially, my cheeks, are oily as hell! I have 5 spots. Or 6. I only ever get 3 spots MAXIMUM at a time, so for some reason, after eating corned beef hash t’other day – I broke out. There’s one on my chin that has swollen up to the size of a 2 pence piece… and it ain’t pretty. What I need is some oil on my face – which is totally contradictory but just hear me out.

Here’s a little tip to clean the spots and pores and to make you feel more refreshed:

Wash your face.

Mix 2 tsp of salt with 2 drops of tea tree OIL (<– see, it’s not so contradictory.)

Rub this on your spots.

Mix 1 tsp of lemon juice with a pinch of chillies (dried or flaked will do.)

Stick that on them after rinsing the salt and tea tree mixture off.

Rinse your face with warm water and then splash on cold water to close your pores.



That will freshen up the spots but other than that I recommend using scrubs and face masks every other day to totally cleanse your face. Avoid wearing heavy make-up and moisturisers with oil – you can buy plenty of oil-free moisturisers for a good price in any Superdrug or Boots. I recommend Superdrug – I still have a grudge against Boots.


By looking at the ingredients this nifty little pot of all over cream seems to be oil-free and for only £1.25 (or 62p if you buy it now) for 50ml it’s a bargain!


I am using Revitalift repair 10 by L’Oreal and I don’t know if it’s oil-free but it seems to be working!


Anyway, off to fit in Embarrassing Bodies before bed as I am VERY tired!


Til’ next time,

Ellie… xx

Purifying cleansing facial for ALL skin types!

I got a few spots the other day. About 3 to be precise. Yes, even very dry skin get spots and it’s all thanks to the natural oils in or skin (sebum). This post is a facial to get rid of the excess nasty oils and dry out those spots in next to no time. It’s suitable for all skin types due to the final step – moisturisation. That’s not a word, I know. Oh and P.S, I have pics at the bottom of the products I used 🙂


Step 1) Wash your face with a pore cleaning wash like Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore & shine daily wash. I got this wash from the lovely people at Hello! Magazine and I LOVE IT!

Step 2) Repeat step 1. Cleansing once removes surface dirt. Cleansing again will remove dirt deeper in the skin.

Step 3) Use a good purifying face scrub like Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore & shine daily scrub. Again, from Hello!

Step 4) Mix a good size amount of talcum powder with a TINY bit of water until it forms a thick paste. I used Yardley English Lavender perfumed talc, but any talcum powder is fine! If you’ve got sensitive skin, I would recommend a baby talc like  Johnson’s Baby Powder.

Step 5) Apply the paste all over your face like a face mask. Leave for a few minutes until it dries firm and rinse off.

Step 6) THE MAGIC STEP TO SUIT YOUR SKIN TYPE. Apply a moisturiser suitable for your skin types. Oily skins should use a very light moisturiser  sensitive skins should use an unfragranced gentle moisturiser and if like me, you have dry skin: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is FAB!


Snapshot_20130301 Snapshot_20130301_1 Snapshot_20130301_2 Snapshot_20130301_3


I hope this helps everyone who has some unwanted bumps on their face!

Until next time,

Ellie.. xx

R.S.V.P and Thanks A Latte

Okay, it’s been more than a long time since I posted last but uni work has been MANIC! I have decided to do a post on two benefit eyeshadows that I have, courtesy of the lovely lifestyle team at Hello! Magazine.


Before I review I thought i’d mention a bit about Hello! as they are the most friendliest people I have met – I really don’t have a bad word to say about them. I was working mainly with lifestyle assistant Kate Lockett who was a lovely girl who I really got on well with. Kate treated me like a good friend and I feel like I fitted in well with the Hello! team and I felt so comfortable. The whole week was the most fantastic experience I had in my life and I would happily work there every day for the rest of my life! At the end of the week they gave me a bag of products that I could review if I wanted and one of them products was a Benefit eyeshadow kit called ‘World Famous Neutrals’ with six different eyeshadows: R.S.V.P, call my buff, thanks a latte, ‘quick, look busy’ (I felt I needed apostrophes for that cause it’s one shade with a comma), pinky swear and no pressure! For this post I will review r.s.v.p which a creasless cream eyeshadow and thanks a latte which is a silky powder eyeshadow.



This shadow is quite nude, a light pinkish shade. Even though it was quite neutral I think it should of been a bit more  pigmented as I had to build up the colour quite a lot for there to be a nice amount of colour and this affected the quality of the eyeshadow in the sense of how it looked when applied.

However, this colour is a very pretty colour nonetheless and the texture of the cream is very silky and comfortable.


Star rating *** out of *****



This shadow is a chocolate shade (or latte shade, I guess) and had a nice level of pigmentation. Once you tap off the excess (to prevent fallout) you don’t need to re-apply a second time but it’s not too bold either. I really like the colour for a smokey-eye or gentle contouring – so a fantastic all-round colour!


Star rating ***** out of *****

So to round of this post, Thanks A Latte is a must-buy (if you have a bit of money) because it has many purposes, feels silky and applies perfectly!


I have to continue my essays now (I have eight due by 1st March :|) so I will ttyl!

Ellie.. xx

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser

Okay, well i’ve had a pretty amazing week – working at Hello! Magazine, Takeaways most days (I know, it’s bad), McDonald’s breakfast on Tuesday (yes, again, bad) and my fantastic housemate Roisin cleared out her toiletries leaving lots of skincare and make-up for me 😉 One of these pieces of skincare was Dramatically Different moisturiser by Clinique. First things first – it’s for very dry-dry combination skin. I have very dry skin with a oily chin and most combination skin moisturisers can feel to drying, with dry skin moisturisers leaving my chin oily. I always thought that I was in-between dry to combination skin but never saw a moisturiser on the market for this. When I picked up this mosituriser I thought – perfect!


Texture: Just like an ordinary moisturiser – nothing special but didn’t expect anything different.

Texture on skin: Refreshing and spreads well – a little goes a long way.

First result on skin: Very soft hydrated face with no oily chin.

End of the day result: Still very soft and not oily.

Price: RRP £28. Pricey but worth it.

Good points: Fantastic for dry combination skin which is hard to find. Very hydrating. Doesn’t lose quality all day.

Bad points: A little pricey, but it’s Clinique (it’s to be expected.)

Star rating ***** out of *****


Ellie.. xx