I recently had a play around with my make-up to create a super-stylish new years look and after about 10 tries I think I finally got it. This look is quite similar to my pin-up look but a bit more eye-focused and a bit more smokey 😉

1) Apply primer, foundation,concealer, powder and a touch of bronzer to create a flawless base.

2) Apply a silver shimmery shadow to the entire socket.

3) Using a very dark charcoal (not black) shadow, carefully apply on the outer third of your eye a blend into the crease.

4) Apply liquid liner to the lash line and tightline the eyes.

5) Layer on lashings of mascara.

6) Apply a sheer slick of lipbalm and dab foundation on the lips.

7) Using a lip brush, apply some nude lipstick and finish with a baby pink gloss.

2012-12-24 16.38.132012-12-24 16.39.07

Well, hello sidemouth again… as you can see I was very tired whilst doing this so apologies for the shoddy work. And the perspective has appeared to make my nose look bigger than usual… that’s gay.#


Anyway, sorry this is a short post but i’m rather tired and I also want to write a review on the Porefessional primer – check it out!

Ellie.. xx


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