Clinique Dramaically Different Moisturiser

Okay, well i’ve had a pretty amazing week – working at Hello! Magazine, Takeaways most days (I know, it’s bad), McDonald’s breakfast on Tuesday (yes, again, bad) and my fantastic housemate Roisin cleared out her toiletries leaving lots of skincare and make-up for me 😉 One of these pieces of skincare was Dramatically Different moisturiser by Clinique. First things first – it’s for very dry-dry combination skin. I have very dry skin with a oily chin and most combination skin moisturisers can feel to drying, with dry skin moisturisers leaving my chin oily. I always thought that I was in-between dry to combination skin but never saw a moisturiser on the market for this. When I picked up this mosituriser I thought – perfect!


Texture: Just like an ordinary moisturiser – nothing special but didn’t expect anything different.

Texture on skin: Refreshing and spreads well – a little goes a long way.

First result on skin: Very soft hydrated face with no oily chin.

End of the day result: Still very soft and not oily.

Price: RRP £28. Pricey but worth it.

Good points: Fantastic for dry combination skin which is hard to find. Very hydrating. Doesn’t lose quality all day.

Bad points: A little pricey, but it’s Clinique (it’s to be expected.)

Star rating ***** out of *****


Ellie.. xx


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