Ok, so i’ve been super busy this week, getting back with my boyfriend, moving back to his house, trying to switch from Virgin Media to Sky whilst my bank tends to think i’m overdrawn every month although I only put money in, not take any out, and since my internet is now cancelled I can hardly access it unless my boyfriend puts his phone down and I manage to steal it. It’s stupendously annoying. Since I haven’t posted a single post this week you deserve a great one, right? Well that’s too bad because my brain has been worked too much this week I haven’t had much time (or money) to get new products, try them out or do a tutorial and such. HOWEVER, spring is here and here a few things to do during spring!


Treat yourself to a pamper day.

  • Sprinkle fragrant flower petals in your bath.
  • Make a face mask with fruits and lavender.
  • If the weather permits, head down to a beach – sand is a great, free way to exfoliate.
  • Make a hair mask with either egg yolks with warm water (not boiling otherwise you’ll look like you fell asleep in a full English), beer with water or vinegar with water. Add some fragrant flowers to leave your hair beautifully soft and smelly.

Make accessories with flowers.

Daisy chains are for 3 year olds. Be experimental with your favourite flowers in your garden or park – make headbands, bracelets, necklaces or even make a little corsage, stick it to a bobby pin and use it as a hair accessory!

Use the season for inspiration for fresh, new make-up looks!

When new seasons hit, you can never have make-up block! Look outside, soak up the scenery and within a couple of seconds your bound to have been hit with a wave of inspiration for a lovely new look!



Got any other ideas for spring time? Let me know ;)

Ellie.. xx


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