Lip Service ;)

I got a fantastic recipe that’s super easy to make and great for your lips! My lips become super dry every day and I can’t leave the house without my lip balm so I decided that I will start to exfoliate them! So follow these steps to super soft lips in no time:

1) Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to 2 heaped teaspoons of sugar.

2) Add 1 of the following:

a) A teaspoon of cocoa or hot chocolate for a tasty treat 😉


b) A teaspoon of crushed chillies or chilli oil to make your lips plumper and redder


c) A teaspoon of fruit juice for a fruity kiss!

3) Scrub a bit of the mixture all over your mouth and either wash away or even lick off!

4) Save the rest in a cool, dry place.

I certainly think that i’m a genius for that! Another great thing is that these edible scrubs last for a super long time so find a little pretty pot, fill it up with some scrub, decorate it with some ribbon or such like and it makes a great gift for when you’re strapped for cash! (And if your boyfriend has chapped lips – give him a pot for being “such a great guy!”

Oh and btw people, try heading over to http://www.simple. and becoming a simple VIP if you have sensitive skin. You can get discounts and chances to win prizes and I love being a VIP myself 😉

One more thing: Thank you so much to all my followers and viewers. I’ve had some really lovely comments lately and they truly mean a lot and make me very happy! Please share and give your friends the chance to invest in these great tips!



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