Yeah, it’s been ages… but i’m gonna make-up for it.

About the tutorial, had to reboot my phone the other day and I forgot the tutorial was on it. NEW ONE COMING SOON! I was thinking of an everyday, smokey-ish look. If you got any better ideas – let me know.

So here is a review on a really cheap mascara from Miss Sporty I recently bought. I had almost £9 on my Boots card so I thought i’ll buy a few cheap items to test.

Pump up booster mascara.

The brush on this thing is CRAZY! It’s a massive brush which originally attracted me because I love massive volume mascaras and the bigger the brush – the better! I also like the soft bristle brushes than the spiky rubbery ones (that said I LOVE Loreal’s volume million lashes) so again, the mascara looked amazing.

Appearance: BIG SOFT BRUSH (Y) Fat tube but nothing special.

Application: Need a couple coats but nothing to moan about.

Appearance on lashes: After the initial two coats it looked really good!

Price: £3.99 cheap!!!

Texture: Nothing bad – just normal thickness but carries a bit on end of brush so need to wipe a bit.

Bad points: Excess on end of brush.

Good points: Brush, good apperance on lashes, amazing price.

Star rating: ****(and a half) out of *****


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