Getting lippy ;)

LIPS. They need to look good. Who wants to kiss a manky mouth? I’m going to give you some advice on what to buy to make em look super, so read closely!

1) Nivea velvet rose lip balm. £1.75.

I’m going to be honest here – use sparingly. I don’t like the heavy feeling lip balms can give me and this one is just like any other, if you use the right amount – it’s lovely, but use the slightest bit too much it’s not so nice. HOWEVER, the lovely pearly sheen it gives you and the lovely, sweet smell it has makes it a must buy! Also, it seriously nourishes your lips and makes em feel lovely, perfect for some mouth to mouth ;P

2)Revlon super lustrous lipgloss. £6.99.

This thick lipgloss it not oily and feels so comfortable on your lips. It’s not the cheapest lipgloss but it makes them look plump, healthy and beautiful! I seriously recommend this to everyone because it is my favourite lipgloss by far!

3) Vaseline lip therapy with cocoa butter. £1.99.

Who doesn’t love vaseline? Vaseline is FANTASTIC nourishment for your lips and gives them a subtle shine. The cocoa butter version smells BEAUTIFUL and is my favourite by far! All lip therapy products come in a handy pocket size tin or you could buy the lip balm stick version.

4) Constance Carroll Pearlescent Lipstick. I’m not sure of the RRP but I buy it off one of my fave discount online stores for 99p.

Bold, beautiful and comfortable. This lipstick applies perfectly and feels so nice on your lips. I recommend it so much!


What’s your fave lip product? Let me know



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