The Porefessional Primer by Benefit.

My amazingly lovely sister bought me my fave liquid liner (Magic Ink by Benefit) and my fave primer (The Porefessional by Benefit) for Christmas, I think she’s god damn amazing. I think a review of this primer is needed.






Texture: A very thick balm.

Feel on skin: Light and airy.

Coverage: As it’s a primer, the coverage isn’t gonna be great but it does make the skin tone look much more even.

Base quality: Fantastic. Made my foundation easy to apply and went on smoothly.

Staying power: Made my foundation stay on all day and night.

Price: RRP £23.50 – very pricey but it’s Benefit, so it’s expected.

Bad points: Pricey.

Good points: Fit’s most skin colours, nice texture, a little goes a long way, and so many more – too many to list!

To buy or not to buy: If I was rich or if I just had the money laying around? OH GOD YES!

Star rating: Price aside – ***** out of *****



I recently had a play around with my make-up to create a super-stylish new years look and after about 10 tries I think I finally got it. This look is quite similar to my pin-up look but a bit more eye-focused and a bit more smokey 😉

1) Apply primer, foundation,concealer, powder and a touch of bronzer to create a flawless base.

2) Apply a silver shimmery shadow to the entire socket.

3) Using a very dark charcoal (not black) shadow, carefully apply on the outer third of your eye a blend into the crease.

4) Apply liquid liner to the lash line and tightline the eyes.

5) Layer on lashings of mascara.

6) Apply a sheer slick of lipbalm and dab foundation on the lips.

7) Using a lip brush, apply some nude lipstick and finish with a baby pink gloss.

2012-12-24 16.38.132012-12-24 16.39.07

Well, hello sidemouth again… as you can see I was very tired whilst doing this so apologies for the shoddy work. And the perspective has appeared to make my nose look bigger than usual… that’s gay.#


Anyway, sorry this is a short post but i’m rather tired and I also want to write a review on the Porefessional primer – check it out!

Ellie.. xx

Christmas looks.

So uni work FINISHED. Christmas shopping FINISHED. Christmas wrapping… well that’s gonna be done tomorrow. Now I can finally write about them party looks I was on about in my last post. NOTE: I did this whilst I was suffering from the flu so my eyebrows are scarily untamed and I have no mascara on and they’re not my best work – HOWEVER I will add some tips on how to improve them. Oh, and I have shot them with my eyes closed so you can get a better jist of how to apply it.


These looks focus on the green colour that is oh so popular at Christmas time!



eye 1



1) Apply a thick line of shadow on the top lash line and blend outward and upward to the end of your eyebrow.

2) Apply a small dusting of silver shadow lightly on the green shadow above the lash line – do not blend over the extended line.

3) Apply a very, very small line of liquid liner over the lash line.

4) Apply mascara as you wish.



Use a shadow line to apply the green shadow over the lash line and instead of blending, just use a brush for the extended line.

NOTE: A shadow line is a clear liquid eyeliner that you dip into a pigment to apply. ALWAYS CLEAN THE SHADOW LINE BRUSH BEFORE YOU DIP BACK INTO THE POT.



eye 2


1) Apply a green shadow half way on the lash line and blend outward and upward towards your eyebrow.

2) Blend the colour over the crease halfway.

3) Apply a bit more green shadow on the brush and blend the colour from the crease towards your outer corner and fill.

4) Apply lashings of mascara.


HOW TO IMPROVE:  Apply a very thin line of liquid liner under the green on your lash line. Tightline your eyes.



So the lesson learnt here today is – DON’T EXPECT MUCH FROM ME WHEN I AM ILL.


A few more ideas that don’t need pics are as follows.


1) Apply a highly pigmented red gloss over your lips for a touch of Christmas red for those who don’t like the boldness of lipstick!

2) Try adding a little gold or silver shadow over your usual lipstick or lipgloss around the top of your cupids bow and in the centre of your bottom lip for a truly gorgeous Christmassy pout!

3) Apply an illuminating face primer before your foundation for the essential Christmas glow. I’ve discovered a new one by Technic called “Prime It” which i’m dying to try! It’s very cheap at only £3.99 for 33 ml on LoveThyMakeup. It’s also got amazing reviews from like EVERYONE.


prime it



Got any Christmas make-up tips? Lemme know 😉

Ellie.. xx




Good news!

Hey hey hey 🙂

I only have today, tomorrow and Thursday left of uni and then it’s the Christmas holidays!


Anyway… since I am currently at uni writing this post, I did not bring a USB lead to hook up my phone and post some christmassy looks I tried out recently but they will be up very soon! They are all about showing the Christmas spirit through make-up whether you like to be bold or not. Think bright red lips for those more adventurous or forest greens for those who like the more subtle approach 😉

So right now i’m gonna to to take slight inspiration from Christmas merged with inspiration from one of THE PRETTIEST GIRLS ON THE WORLD….



Her lovely green eyed look here is Christmassy but super-glam at the time so here’s how to achieve it:

1) Apply an illuminating primer such as Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer £9.99 at Superdrug. It’s more pricey than others but I love it!

2) Apply a light coverage foundation or tinted moisturiser such as Nivea Visage tinted moisturising creme £3.65 at Superdrug. I’m loving Nivea’s make-up range right now!

3) Grab a bold, shimmery, green eyeshadow and apply all over the socket. Barry M Dazzle Dust is perfect for bold colours and they have the perfect shade called Bright Emerald for this look. £4.59 at Superdrug.

4) Blend the colour towards the outer corners creating a wing and blend it further under the bottom lash line. Use a very small brush like Barry M’s eyeliner brush £2.99 at Superdrug.

5) Line the upper and lower lash line quite thickly with a liquid liner. My favourite is Magic Ink by Benefit but at £14.50 – it’s not easily accessible on a budget.

Try this cute liquid liner with a hello kitty design if you haven’t got lots of cash to spend. It’s called Hello Kitty Eye Liner West to East Liquid and is £4.99 from Superdrug!

However, if you’re a bit of a liquid liner junkie like myself, invest in a high-end brand!

6) Tightline the eyes with a jet black eye pencil. Try MUA’s 3-in-1 contour pen for £1.50 exclusive to Superdrug.

7) Apply some big false lashes such as Girls With Attitude range, these ones are £4.59 at Superdrug.

Coat them with a volumising mascara or if your a false-lash-aphobe like me, just apply lashings of mascara!

8) Finally, apply a sheer coral shade of gloss. Barry M’s Lip gloss in Coral is £4.49 at Superdrug.

Anyway i’m off to slave over a news diary 😉 Wish me luck.

Ellie.. xx