Chemical peels – using an acid containing lotion to the face to reveal a new layer of skin and approve the overall look of the face. This was a popular procedure before laser treatment, a more specific way to improve your particular area of concern. However, the peel is proving to be a more popular choice again due to the expensive price tag that lasers carry. Chemical peels can cause sore, red skin for a while and offers a range of unwanted side effects if done wrongly so while it might be the cheapest option, it may not be the safest. Side effects include: infections including encouraging previous herpes infections to arise, scarring and pigmentation imbalances/problems.


Selina Topp, 30, regularly has chemical peels to solve her skin problems. She tells me her story:


So perhaps they aren’t the most effective way either but what is the average difference in price? Dave, a healthcare advisor for BMI healthcare says “A chemical peel has no average cost but usual start in the region of £80 pounds session up to around £500 for very expensive salons and procedures. With laser treatment it depends on what treatment you want – some can cost thousands. Laser skin rejuvenation sessions average from around £150 per session. Laser treatment is the safest option for suitable skin dependant on the procedure because it is done in the hands of a professional and most side effects are only temporary. However, if chemical peels are done by a qualified person they can also be an effective way to address less serious facial blemishes.”

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Paula Begoun, author of Paula’s choice explains AHA peels and BHA peels which are popular at home peel types, “AHA peels are effective in improving skin texture, causing some collagen and elastin rebuilding, minimally reducing the appearance of acne scarring, and reducing the appearance of skin discolorations… Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) or salicylic acid peels are not as popular as AHA peels, yet they can be equally effective and have specific advantages for some skin types. A salicylic acid solution can work in a way that is similar to a glycolic acid peel, but irritation may be reduced… it is a good peeling agent for blemish-prone skin with blackheads.”

However, many medical professionals recommend you avoid at home peels and get any cosmetic procedure involving chemicals should be done by a clinic, trusted salon or trained dermatologist.

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Some of the best rated places for chemical peels in London:

Boudoir Medical, Shoreditch. Deep skin peel: £99.

How they describe themselves: Boudoir Medical brings Harley street treatments to the heart of Shoreditch. You will have a medical consultation with Dr Ayesha Docrat, who is a fully qualified, GMC registered doctor, who will discuss your treatment options. We offer anti-wrinkle injections, and treat acne scarring, stretch marks, cellulite, skin tightening, non- surgical face lifts, body contouring and anti-ageing treatments. Please visit for more information.

Review on website from customer: “First of all, the staff is very friendly staff and professional. I went with my my mum (She’s 66), she had a face treatment with the Trilipo and after the first session I could already see the lines reducing, specially around the mouth. It’s amazing!”


Clinica Fiore Skin Medica, Covent Garden. Course of 6 Glycolic Peels: £270

How they describe themselves: FINALIST FOR BEST CLINIC IN THE UK in Association with Cosmetic News 2011-2012-2013

At Clinica Fiore we focus on aesthetic treatments for men and women, providing solution to hair removal, pigmentation removal, acne problems, skin rejuvenation and a range of anti-ageing treatments including wrinkle-relaxing injections, dermal fillers, mesotherapy, carboxy therapy,fraxel laser, fat freeze, massage and more.

Clinica Fiore’s main goal is to educate clients about the available techniques and what will best suit them, as opposed to selling every treatment available. We have highly qualified and experienced practitioners that will provide guidance and assist our clients make the best decisions and achieve their desired outcomes in a discreet and confidential manner. At Clinica Fiore we take each treatment very seriously and we provide an aftercare service to ensure all is well and our clients are fully satisfied by the treatment.

Clinica Fiore also specialise in beauty and maintenance by offering a range of treatments such as facials for men and woman performed by one of the UK’s leading beauty therapists having worked in the industry for the past 8 years who has worked with a number of celebrities.

We have located the clinic in Central London and operate as flexibly as possible. Knowing the busy lifestyle of many people in London, we aim to provide a service that is efficient as well as being extremely effective. We can accommodate treatments early in the morning, lunch, evenings and even weekends. We believe that beauty should be for everyone and, with our competitive prices, hope to allow more people to experience the world of aesthetic beauty treatments. Come and see for yourself, you’ll never feel better.

Review on from customer: The clinic which is set slightly away from the hustle and bustle of lively Covent Garden was refreshingly cool as I stepped in late for my appointment on a very rare hot day. I had called beforehand to explain I was running late and the gentleman that answered was very accommodating and pleasant. The clinic itself has a minimalist décor and was impeccably clean. My therapist, Fabrizio was very friendly and customer focused. He discussed the treatment with me which was helpful as I did not really know what to expect. More importantly he was very knowledgeable about the treatment and provided me with good aftercare advice which I am following. I booked a further treatment before leaving and will be returning next week.

Superb clinic with caring well informed staff and excellent customer service.

Wellness Lounge at The Beauty Spot, Chiswick. Chemical skin peel: £42.

How they describe themselves: With our hectic pace of life we all need somewhere we can go to unwind and rejuvenate. Wellness Lounge offers a relaxing, friendly space where you can have some precious time to yourself and enjoy a deeply relaxing body massage, radiance boosting facial or fabulous nail treatment. Our therapists offer all the expertise and professionalism you could want, but with a caring, attentive approach that makes you feel welcome, special and more than a little pampered. Our goal is to deliver immediate and visible results that will enhance the way you look and feel. It is our pleasure to have you and provide you with a relaxing retreat from the stresses of everyday life.

Review on from customer: Lovely place, simple but cute and the therapist always goes out of her way to accommodate your requests. Already recommended friends.