Omg hey! It’s been a while…

I haven’t been able to pay attention to my blog lately because of the amount of work i’m doing at uni! Seriously, i’m swamped. This week i’m all about comfort because of how crap i’m feeling about the work but comfort usually means comfort food like Domino’s pizza which eventually means oily, spotty skin and me feeling more and more crap. So here’s how to feel comfortable whilst working with ways to make your skin and self feel refreshed and comfort food to make which won’t make your skin look awful. This post may seem un-important but stress and tiredness affect the way you look MASSIVELY!


Wash your face as soon as you wake-up with an energizing facial wash. Apply a refreshing toner and add a a dab of light moisturiser – nothing to heavy.

Have an ice cold drink every now and then. If you want something hot have a green tea – tasted horrible but is amazing for skin, health and makes you feel good. Try Twinings green tea with cranberry, JAM PACKED FULL of anti-oxidants and tastes a whole lot better than normal green tea. It’s actually quite tasty!

Do not apply make-up if you’re not going out much, make-up and stuff can make your face feel a bit cakey and it’s not good for your skin.

Every now and then (every 20 minutes or so) play a song or watch 5 minutes of tv – allow yourself a regular break! You’ll feel happier and you won’t get so tired.

Eat and drink regular to help you concentrate and take them ugly dark bags away from under your eyes.



1) Cheese and spring onion big fill sandwich.


You’ll need:

2 slices of bread (preferably wholemeal, granary or seeded.)

A big heaped tablespoon of light mayo.

Two heaped tablespoons of mature grated cheddar (reduced fat is best.)

2 spring onions sliced half length ways then finely sliced.

A very, very thin layer of flora or other spread, on each side of the bread.


How to make:

Mix in a bowl the mayo, cheese and spring onions.

Spread the mixture of the bread.


Quick, simple and super tasty!


2) Nutty tomato and carrot canapes.


You’ll need:

A big handful of pine nuts or halved walnuts, etc.

A level tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

A splash of lemon juice.

Three salad tomatoes.

Garlic and herb Philadelphia (or cream cheese with crushed garlic and a pinch of dried herbs.)

One or two carrots.


How to make:

Blend the nuts, oil and juice.

Cut the carrot into small circles.

Put a bit of the nut mixture between two circles and place on a plate.

Cut the tomatoes in half a spoon out the middles.

Fill the tomatoes with the Philadelphia and place on the plate.




3) Toasted marshmallow biscuits – THE ULTIMATE COMFORT FOOD.


You’ll need:

2 chocolate digestives per marshmallow.


How to make:

Place a marshmallow on a fondue stick or kebab stick or something similar.

Heat the marshmallow over the hob or a fire until it starts to brown nicely.

Wipe it off the stick between two chocolate digestives.




Anyway, back to uni work 😐 i’ll be back asap!

Ellie.. xx




Hair is not something I usually write about…

Hair. It’s always there. Unless you shave it off. You gotta do something with it and hair goes hand in hand with make-up. I’m gonna talk about some hairstyles and although i’ve done it before i’ve been a bit biased as i’ve always had long hair… but now I don’t.

OLD HAIR… Only picture I could find that my hair was see-able .


So here is some sexy styles for the short haired kind 😉


1) Straighten your hair POKER STRAIGHT.

2) Apply a small amount of product (wax, clay, putty) evenly through your hair.

3) Grab the top quarter/third of your hair (keep it messy) and tie it back at the middle of your head.

Sounds simple but it looks gurt lush.


I love the half shaved hair look but i’m too scared to have it myself… however, this look is just as beaut!

1) Section half of your hair (not layers but from the side) and clip it away from the other half.

2) From the half of your hair that is free, section a top layer about 1.5-2 inches wide, and clip it away or with the other clipped hair.

3) With the remaining free hair, separate it into at least 3 layers and twist each layer pinning it back.

4) Let down the clipped hair and style it to hide the clips of the twists.

Takes a lot of practice but looks super swish.


The reason these waves work for short hair is because parts of  the buns can fall out and make the waves look natural and stylishly messy!

1) Wash you hair and towel dry until it’s damp.

2) Section your hair (not in layers but like mini ponytails all around your hair) into different widths.

3) Apply a mousse or any other styling product you like (as long as it isn’t one for straightening).

4) Twist each section around your finger and either clip them in mini buns to your head or tie them into mini buns.

5) Either air dry or blow dry.

6) When dry unravel the buns and apply product if needed.



Your hair must be super smooth for this look!

1) Apply a shine booster product evenly over your hair.

2) Brush your hair to the bottom of your hair – NOT TO THE NECK.

4) With the hair that is longer than the bottom of your neck, pin underneath the rest of the hair so the bottom loops around and under. When all bits are pinned it should look a little bit like a seamless, low bun- but wider.

5) Around the middle of your head gather the hair carefully – making sure to not remove any hair from the pins and clip together with a decorative clip, e.g. a flower, a bow, etc.

6) Hairspray the hair paying extra attention the clipped hair on the bottom.

Let me know if you have any more ideas for short hair that I can try out!

Ellie.. xx