WOAH are you ever gonna hear from me again? CC CREAM!

Yes, you will. It’s been months since I have posted something on my blog and it’s not that i’ve forgotten about it, more just like I haven’t got the time! I was sitting down the other day thinking of how i’m going to get round this problem and i’ve come to a decision that my blog is going to be more of a “quarterly” thing. You will still be able to read new tips and tricks, reviews and tutorials, just less often as you did when I started this up. And, hey, if I have a few spare minutes on my hands – i’ll try and get a new post up! So, now that’s out of the way how about I talk about that CC cream by L’Oreal? Nude Magique CC Cream to be a bit more precise.


cc cream

I got a sample in ‘Apricot’ because my skin has been looking a bit more tired than awake and glowing lately and I must say – it did improve the look of my skin quite a bit – I am  quite impressed!


Texture: Like an everyday liquid foundation.

Feel on skin: Nothing out of the ordinary but quite light.

Coverage: Medium.

Price: £6.99-£9.99 (not too shabby)

Bad points: None really… it didn’t blow me away though.

Good points: Improved the look of my skin, gave me a decent amount of coverage and didn’t feel cakey like a lot if BB creams do.

To buy or not to buy: I don’t see why not, I am quite happy with the outcome.

Star rating: **** out of *****


So, til next SEASON (sad face),

Ellie.. xx


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