Omg life is busy! The weather hates my face.

Ok, so I have not stopped lately. Seriously. I have moved back in with my parents, been doing assignments, looking for a job, hanging out with my sister, doing work around the house, doing odd jobs for my cousin, and much more! I have had no time to post on here for a while so I do apologise for that. ANYWAY – THE WEATHER. It’s playing havoc on my skin and that’s a common factor for a lot of people. It’s hot, then raining. Then hot again, oh wait, it’s raining again. SERIOUSLY WEATHER GIVE IT A REST.

You need to protect your skin. So please, indulge in these tips:

1) Use a spf moisturiser. Protects your skin from cold and sun. Win/win really.

2) Go light with the foundation. The heat can make the foundation want to kill your skin and the rain is just going to wash it off.

3) Use baby wipes. Huggies pure are amazing for removing makeup and super gentle on your unhappy skin.

4) Try removing your eye makeup with vaseline.

– Rub a bit of vaseline on your closed eye.

– Use a tissue to gently wipe away,

– Use a slightly damp tissue and wipe away again

– Repeat until eye makeup is removed.

It can take a bit longer but be gentle and it’s a super kind way to remove makeup and it moisturises your eye area.

5) Indulge in facial spas. Show your face that even the weather hates it, you still love it. And nothing will change that.


So, sorry this has been a short post but it’s 1 in the morning and I am still super busy. Time to empty the dishwasher.

‘Til next time,

Ellie.. xx


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