Tips for flawless skin :D

Ok so I get spots. Not loads of spots, but a fair amount. There’s a few tips and tricks to keep your skin almost perfect though so i’m going to share them with you :)

1) Drink plenty of water. I know everyone says it and you prefer diet coke or squash or whatever you drink and water just tastes so bland but seriously, 8 cups a day is easily do able. All you have to do is just wake up, have a coffee and down a glass of water. Have a glass of water before you go to the loo. Have a glass of water on your break. Just down it and get it over a done with. The water will keep your skin hydrated and wash the nasty bacteria away.

2) Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Again, another thing you think is much a do about nothing, but again – easily do able. Before you put on your make-up use a make-up wipe to cleanse. Apply a toner or rose water and then rub soe  moisturiser in your hands and slap the stuff on. Simple! If you have no time in the morning. Do it before you go to bed. The results will show very soon!

3) Invest in something for your skin type. I have dry skin so I bought some bio-oil and I apply it twice a week before I moisturise to where my dry areas are – e.g. my forehead and nose. ONLY USE OIL IF YOUR SKIN IS SO DRY YOU FLAKE SKIN LIKE BARK OFF A TREE. If you’re spotty use a zit zapper. Check out (or if you’re in the USA – and they have a wonderful zit zapper for £1.50. Most of there stuff is £1.50 actually…

4) If you really can’t be bothered to CTM, at least apply a mosturiser before you put on your make-up . It really is simple and makes your make-up look a hell of a lot better.

5) Keep your skin make-up free for at least one day a week. I know for some make-up is like clothes, you feel naked without it. But come on, you can’t go out of the house everyday. Dedicate a day to stay home and lounge around naked-faced. If you really want to treat yourself to some skin loving – make it a pamper day – cleanse & exfoliate, slap on a face mask, get someone to massage your face (offer them money and then give them and I.O.U that you “completely forget about”), etc.

6) Invest in some skin-friendly make-up. Easy things like SPF 15 products or cosmetics with witch hazel.

Follow these steps and you’ll love me for it, I promise!

My next blog will be a review of some sort of make-up: I haven’t decided what yet – it’s a mystery! So don’t miss it – and tell your friends and family… and random people on the street. What the hell, give a hobo some money for an internet cafe and tell him to check this out.

Ellie.. xx


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