Ok, so this is not a tutorial.

I decided i’m not going to do a tutorial today… after all I am in uni and if I carried all my make-up to uni i’m sure my handbag would of stopped the blood flowing round my arms and then I would of dropped to the floor at King’s Cross station crying my eyes out because my arm had decided to fall off. Plus, I think my teacher would of foudn it weird if I turned my desk into a beauty counter…


I’ve decided i’m gonna film my tutorials, slap ’em on YouTube and post the links on my blog.

Yeah, you know it’s pretty damn amazing.

SO- this is a short post. Much a ‘do about nothing so let me bulk it out with a thought I came up with a couple of weeks ago.

This alwaaayyys happens to me. I hate having super days because my day is super amazing yet I know for about the next 3ish days i’m gonna have crap ones.

No word of a lie – it happens.

I have certain clothes and underwear that i’m too scared to wear as well ’cause I always have a bad day in them.

TMI? Sorry.

Well, anyways – comment me with some thoughts that you have or something that always happens to you. Make it more interesting than my theory – it wouldn’t be hard 😉

Ellie.. xx

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