Good News!

Hey hey hey 🙂

I only have today, tomorrow and Thursday left of uni and then it’s the Christmas holidays!


Anyway… since I am currently at uni writing this post, I did not bring a USB lead to hook up my phone and post some christmassy looks I tried out recently but they will be up very soon! They are all about showing the Christmas spirit through make-up whether you like to be bold or not. Think bright red lips for those more adventurous or forest greens for those who like the more subtle approach 😉

So right now i’m gonna to to take slight inspiration from Christmas merged with inspiration from one of THE PRETTIEST GIRLS ON THE WORLD….



Her lovely green eyed look here is Christmassy but super-glam at the time so here’s how to achieve it:

1) Apply an illuminating primer such as Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer £9.99 at Superdrug. It’s more pricey than others but I love it!

2) Apply a light coverage foundation or tinted moisturiser such as Nivea Visage tinted moisturising creme £3.65 at Superdrug. I’m loving Nivea’s make-up range right now!

3) Grab a bold, shimmery, green eyeshadow and apply all over the socket. Barry M Dazzle Dust is perfect for bold colours and they have the perfect shade called Bright Emerald for this look. £4.59 at Superdrug.

4) Blend the colour towards the outer corners creating a wing  and blend it further under the bottom lash line. Use a very small brush like Barry M’s eyeliner brush £2.99 at Superdrug.

5) Line the upper and lower lash line quite thickly with a liquid liner. My favourite is Magic Ink by Benefit but at £14.50 – it’s not easily accessible on a budget.

Try this cute liquid liner with a hello kitty design if you haven’t got lots of cash to spend. It’s called Hello Kitty Eye Liner West to East Liquid and is £4.99 from Superdrug!

However, if you’re a bit of a liquid liner junkie like myself, invest in a high-end brand!

6) Tightline the eyes with a jet black eye pencil. Try MUA’s 3-in-1 contour pen for £1.50 exclusive to Superdrug.

7) Apply some big false lashes such as Girls With Attitude range, these ones are £4.59 at Superdrug.

Coat them with a volumising mascara or if your a false-lash-aphobe like me, just apply lashings of mascara!

8) Finally, apply a sheer coral shade of gloss. Barry M’s Lip gloss in Coral is £4.49 at Superdrug.

Anyway i’m off to slave over a news diary 😉 Wish me luck.

Ellie.. xx


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