Make-up for a pound? MUA VS Benefit review.

MUA is short for Makeup Academy. MUA is a little brand that seems to be exclusive to Superdrug and the majority of their cosmetics are only a pound. Since I ran out of Magic Ink by Benefit and I wasn’t exactly rolling in cash I thought i’d buy an MUA liquid liner and MUA pressed powder, both just a pound each.

Wasn’t all that impressed. The eyeliner looked good and stayed on for hours but I didn’t like the pointed nib – it was quite solid, it didn’t have a super-easy application like my Magic Ink and it’s super soft brush. However, that said – if you’re a pro at applying liquid liner then by all means MUA’s one is great! It’s £14.50 cheaper than Benefit’s (I know, ridiculous!) so if you can apply it well, then it’s great – stays on, isn’t flaky, looks good on so go for it! However, I will always love my Magic Ink, but MUA will have to do.

The powder? Pleasantly surprised. Good coverage, makes my foundation stick BUT it’s a little bit orange. The powder looks paler than my skin and because the case is sealed before you open it and they don’t have testers, you can’t try it. When I got home, I was sure I was gonna look a bit pale after applying it but far from it. Make sure to go for a couple of shades lighter if you buy it – then you’ll be cushty!

Sorry this was a quick post – very busy, long story, tell you later!

‘Til next time,

Ellie.. xx



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