I have been so busy with my new job it’s been hard to fit most things into my life! I’m just starting out so bear with me and the blog will be back to it’s regular updates in no time! I work 5pm-10pm and don’t get back until gone 11pm so as you can see, I have no time at night to do much! As a little sorry/thank you (for bearing with me) gesture I am going to write a few things to do with your hair when you have no time on your hands! I know it’s not make-up as such but it’s still a handy guide!


Sexy curly waves.

1) Apply lashings of mousse to your hair by scrunching.

2) Plait your hair or tie it a bun.

4) Apply make-up.

5) Grab your hair dryer and on the cool setting use it on the bun/plait for 60 seconds.

6) Untie the bun/plait and you’ll look fab!


Easy summer up-do.

1) Loosely tie your hair in a bun. Not too low, not too high – about mid way.

2) Massage your temples and slowly work your fingers further away until your reach the bun so a few stray strands fall out.

3) Use a curling iron or straighteners to loosely curl your fringe and strays for an optional soft touch.


Chic ponytail.

1) Tightly pull back your hair only at the sides and brush your hair at the top (including fringes) towards the pony tail.

2) Before tying, keep pulling the sides of your hair whilst leaving the top untouched. This should give a slight quiff to the top of your hair without it looking like an elvis style.

3) Hairspray all strays to the ponytail to make it look flawless.


Back-combed beauty.

1) Back-comb your whole hair.

2) Tie it in a ponytail.


Bobby-pin side-do.

1) Brush one side of your hair to the other side.

2) Bobby pin carefully whilst hairspraying for a mermaid effect.



I hope you like these ideas and try them out!





How to rock metallics.

Metallics are all the rage right now so you gotta try them out! First of all you need to know what will work for you and we are going to start with the eyes!

Blue eyes – Work silver/monochrome shadow with lashings of black mascara!

Green eyes – Make your eyes beautiful with gold tones on your lids and sparkly mascara!

Brown eyes – Use metallic affect colours such as shimmery greens or midnight blues to make your eyes pop!


If you prefer a bold lip then try these tips!

Fair skin – If you want to stand out try a sparkling red hue or if you prefer a less bold choice then try a golden hue with a glitter dusting.

Medium skin – Try copper tones with just a hint of sparkle round the cupid’s bow.

Dark skin – Shimmering dark plums or bold gold colours will suit you down to the ground.


To make your skin metallic cool then follow these steps:

1) Use a illuminating primer to bring out a beautiful glow. Lumi magique primer from L’Oreal is £9.99 from Boots:

2) Add a sheer dusting of glitter to the temples and brush in a gentle diagonal downwards motion – any glitter eyeshadow will do. Try 2true Eyeshadow Dazzlers only £1.99 from Superdrug:

3) Highlight your face on the tip of your nose, under the brow bones and just above the cheekbones. Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer is a steal at £4.99 in Boots:


FINALLY, I have to mention Barry M’s Magnetic Nail Polish which gives a beautiful effect to your nails! At £4.99 – you must try it!

New food post :)

Strawberries are finally in season for Britain and in most supermarkets they are half price so grab yourself a few boxes and try these recipes out!


Frosted snowy strawberry mountains. (TO EAT.)

1) Stack about 5-6 strawberries in a triangular (mountain) shape.

2) Pour a teaspoon and a half of sugar evenly over the “mountain”.

3) Whip some double cream and pour a teaspoon over the top of the stawberries.

4) Decorate the plate with extra “frost” (sugar) and/or “snow” (cream).


Lush strawberry milkshake. (TO DRINK – serves approx 3.)

1) Place a punnet of strawberries with the tops cut off into a mixing bowl or blender.

2) Pour enough milk to almost cover the strawberries.

3) Add 3 tablespoons of single or double cream.

4) Blend until smooth.

5) Stir in 3 tablespoons (or to taste) of sugar.

6) Pour into glasses and decorate with a slice of strawberry and a swirl of cream.


Strawberry smoothie mask. (TO WEAR.)

1) Mash or blend half a punnet of strawberries with the tops cut off.

2) Add 3-4 tablespoons of double cream and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar.

3) Add half a cup of cranberry juice and stir well.

4) Rub onto your face, wash off and admire how amazingly fit you look!



I hope you liked these recipes and let me know of your own 😉

Ellie.. xx


Revlon primer review.

One thing I dislike about primers are that they can tend to be quite expensive and in small bottles – for this reason I thought I should write about Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer. This primer is fantastic and it is definitely worth trying out. I found out that this primer is discontinued though, but check it out on google because many sites (including Amazon) still sell it! I bought mine for £4, but can’t find out the RRP so shop around!

Texture: A bit like a gel but turns into an oil-like substance when you smooth it on your face.

Feel on skin: Surprised me as although it was an oil-like substance – it felt light on my face and it didn’t feel oily.

Coverage: It’s a clear primer so no coverage but my foundation looked flawless over it and it stayed on all day.

Price: No RRP as it’s discontinued but I think most places would sell it for around £5.

Bad points: It’s a small size (25ml) but this is normal for primers and you don’t need to use much at all.

Good points: Everything about this primer is perfect (apart from the size)!

To buy or not to buy: Best primer i’ve ever tried and I have no doubt in my mind i’ll buy it again.

*********(and a half) out of **********