Junk mail, George Galloway and Hello! Magazine.

I have a week’s work experience at Hello! Magazine at the end of this month… I am one very lucky girl – and the best part of it? I WILL BE WORKING WITH THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT! I mean, this is like a dream come true for me – working in the beauty department at such a well-known magazine – it’s just 10.0 on the Richter scale of crazy!

JUNK MAIL MAKES ME ANNOYED AS HELL. There’s all these random spammers on my comments inbox saying “I went on this website and they gave me 10kg of free cauliflower.” Okay, maybe not that random but it might as well be. Genuine comments are the best however so please feel free to comment with some relevant stuff and not how amazing you think empty Lucozade bottles are and how I can get some… i’m totally not interested.

I had a preference at uni today with George Galloway. I’m pretty sure his wife doesn’t like me after I asked a ballsy question – you can’t be afraid when you’re a journalist.

This is kinda how it went:


The lecturer: Yes, Eloise?

Me: Mr.Galloway, you’ve been married several times and divorced a few times, have you ever thought that you don’t like the concept of monogamy?

Everyone in the room: *GASP*

George Galloway: You should ask my wife who’s sitting here, my lawyers are outside too. You don’t know why my previous marriages have ended and if you did know you wouldn’t be asking that question.

George Galloway’s wife: *whispers* The sources you’re reading are unreliable honey.


That’s basically the jist of it and i’m not gonna lie – I worded my question badly, it was my first press conference. I meant to say that he hasn’t divorced one of his previous wives (why not?) and basically that he has been married to like four or five different women – has your work life affected this… but noooo, everyone seemed to think I was implying he was unfaithful.


However, lecturers seemed to be impressed of my ballsy question and one of them said he thought I was brilliant.


Ellie – 1, George Galloway – 0.


Anyway, I got a mock exam in a bit for shorthand and i’m not feeling at all up to it so I best do some breathing exercises or what not.

Ellie.. xx


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