Gregory Arlt.

Gregory Arlt has been a senior makeup artist for M.A.C for over 15 years and works with Dita Von Teese! In the pastGregory Arlt used to skip school with his friends and buy hair dye and was quite punky; when all his friends were outside playing sports he was painting with his father who was an aritst. It was only when he was about 20 he became interested in make-up. He used to pin down his sisters and friends and practice on them, and after working in Fred Segal, M.A.C spotted him and that was it. Since then he has flourished by learning tips from make-up artist such like Philippe Chansel; he has also been asked by stars such as Cher to design their make-up. Just comes to show that you may start off small, but who knows how famous you can become in the future!

Check out his classic pin-up girl tutorial here:

Ellie.. xx


Getting lippy ;)

LIPS. They need to look good. Who wants to kiss a manky mouth? I’m going to give you some advice on what to buy to make em look super, so read closely!

1) Nivea velvet rose lip balm. £1.75.

I’m going to be honest here – use sparingly. I don’t like the heavy feeling lip balms can give me and this one is just like any other, if you use the right amount – it’s lovely, but use the slightest bit too much it’s not so nice. HOWEVER, the lovely pearly sheen it gives you and the lovely, sweet smell it has makes it a must buy! Also, it seriously nourishes your lips and makes em feel lovely, perfect for some mouth to mouth ;P

2)Revlon super lustrous lipgloss. £6.99.

This thick lipgloss it not oily and feels so comfortable on your lips. It’s not the cheapest lipgloss but it makes them look plump, healthy and beautiful! I seriously recommend this to everyone because it is my favourite lipgloss by far!

3) Vaseline lip therapy with cocoa butter. £1.99.

Who doesn’t love vaseline? Vaseline is FANTASTIC nourishment for your lips and gives them a subtle shine. The cocoa butter version smells BEAUTIFUL and is my favourite by far! All lip therapy products come in a handy pocket size tin or you could buy the lip balm stick version.

4) Constance Carroll Pearlescent Lipstick. I’m not sure of the RRP but I buy it off one of my fave discount online stores for 99p.

Bold, beautiful and comfortable. This lipstick applies perfectly and feels so nice on your lips. I recommend it so much!


What’s your fave lip product? Let me know 😉


Brush Care.

I have heard people get stuck on how to keep their make-up brush’s in fabulous condition so if you want to know how to keep them amaaazing follow these tips 🙂

1) After every use (every different shadow), clean the brush on a make-up wipe until there is no colour left on the brush. This will stop clogging and you will not have to wash them as often.

2) Washing instructions (wash them once a month/one every month and a half):

a) Rinse the brush under lukewarm water.

b) Apply a small drop of shampoo to your index finger.

3) Swirl the brush around your palm with the shampoo.

4) Rinse your hand and repeat step 3 twice.

5) Rinse the brush and repeat step 3 three times.

6) Rinse the brush THOROUGHLY and reshape the brush.

7) Rinse in cold water, reshape and air dry.

3) When the brush is dry after washing apply a small spritz of conditioning spray (leave-in conditioner) to the bristles. This will keep the bristles soft.

4) If the brush starts to change shape, it’s definitely time for a wash!

5) If  the bristles start to fall out apply a good amount of conditioning spray to the brush and wrap in cling film. Leave overnight. If nothing changes, accept that it is either a cheaply made brush or it’s too old.


Have any good tips or tricks for brush care? Let me know 😉


Ellie.. xx

Combination skin corner.

To all my combination skin girls (and guys?) I feel for you. Combination skin is a BIG problem. Well, I made a discovery the other day… Half of the time I have dry skin, the other half I have combination skin. Seriously, it’s weird, I know. It’s only my chin that gets oily and it can either be so oily that it feels like I rubbed melted cheese on it or flake as much as my forehead. Super annoying. And I get scared when I use it that my chin will be okay but my forehead will be just as bloody flaky. It’s not so bad really – you just gotta find the right products… So I am going to tell you the best products to use 🙂



Clarins is a godsend. Go to the nearest Clarins counter and ask for samples of a CTM (cleanser, toner and moisturiser) for combination skin. They should give you a nice little sampler set and you can try before you buy. I got ‘Cleansing Milk with Gentian’, ‘Toning Lotion Alcohol-Free With Iris’ and ‘Daily Energizer Cream’. As soon as they are on their lasts legs I am running to John Lewis and buying 10 of each. I LOVE THEM!#



Nivea Visage Refreshing cleansing lotion Normal/Combination.

£3.36 from Superdrug. (£2.00 on offer at the moment.)

Makes your skin super lovely and feeling fresh. I would seriously recommend giving it a go 😉


Olay Essentials Refreshing Toner For Normal Dry or Combination Skin

£2.99 from Boots.

This is such an amazing toner it is UNREAL! I swear by Olay products! I haven’t bought much Olay products in the past but recently i’ve been trying them out and THEY ARE AMAAAAZIIIING!


Johnson’s Daily Essentials Oil Balancing Light Day Fluid, for Combination Skin

£4.07  from Boots.

It’s not THE cheapest one out there, but not so expensive either. The reason I chose this one is because, honestly, who can fault Johnson’s? Their products are FANTASTIC and this one does not let them down in the slightest, perfect moisturiser for combination skin!


Orange Oil & Vitamin C Peel Off Face Masque

70p for 2 sachets from the Montage Jeunesse website.

I chose this mask because several reasons: 1) It’s Montage Jeunesse and their products are flawless, 2) It’s not in scary packaging like most of their masks, 3) It’s a peel-off, which I much prefer to muds,etc, 4) IT IS 70P FOR 2 SACHETS!



So there you have it my combination skin beauties! A CTMM (the last m is for mask.) If you are using the Clarins option, the cheap as chips Montage Jeunesse mask is the best mask out there that I have tried so don’t be scared off by cheap products – they can be good y’know!


I think I shall do sensitive skin next… after all, I used to have sensitive skin… I have had every skin type out there at some point for some weird reason… okay not problem or oily but it’s an expression.

Ellie.. xx

Stay super in the sun :D!

Okay, so yeah I haven’t posted in like foreverrrrr! I have a totally good reason for that though and here’s why:

Uni work

Looking for a job

Holiday packing



It doesn’t sound like a lot but it so was! And alas, I am back from Crete and I am as tanned as… a really tanned person. During Crete I got sunburnt and I had sunstroke so I am going to write some super tips of how to stay safe and super in the sun and some fixes for nasties!


1. Obvious but sun lotion.

You gotta start with 20. I think everyone should. I use oil because I don’t tan easily, neither do I sunburn easily so for a quick tan I used spf 15 oil. MISTAKE AND A HALF! In one day I was burnt and it was painful just wearing a bra 😐 so I used spf20 lotion all over for the next day and every day after that I used it for my sunburn.

2. Quickest fix for sunburn.

For the pain, a cooling after sun should help but not a lot – you need to get rid of it asap! The next day stay in the shade whilst topping up regularly with a higher sun lotion all over. If you don’t shade it up you will blister (henceforth peeling – I don’t know if henceforth works in this sentence but it sounded right.) Staying in the shade will keep you protected and you can still get a tan this way! I also recommend using a lightweight shirt to cover the really sore bits. Keeping the higher factor on your sunburnt bits until they are gone and staying in the shade for at least one day will help it go super quick and you can sunbathe without shade after just one shady day!


I know it’s boring and obvious but you must drink plenty and not tequila sunrises or coke – we’re talking water here. I had sunstroke and it was bloody horrible! I had the shakes, a headache for 3 days, nausea, abdominal pains, dizziness – and plenty of other nasty stuff. I urge you to keep sipping water regularly!

4. Rewind the sun stroke.

It takes a day or two to get rid of it completely but you must follow these steps as soon as you feel the symptoms because the quicker you act – the quicker it will go. Oh and you got to do it for at least one whole day even if you think it’s gone cause it can creep up on you again super quick.

A) Seek shade in your hotel room.

Stick a DVD on or read a magazine. It’s boring and you are on a sunny holiday but you don’t wanna be on a hospital bed after passing out and vomiting on other holiday makers.


B) Sip water regularly.

One big cup every half hour should suffice. BUT SIP IT – downing it will make nausea feel worse.


C) Eat.

I didn’t want to eat anything but as soon as I was forced to by my boyfriend, I felt a lot better. Salads, fruit and bland chicken are good. Try a chicken salad sandwich with wholegrain bread. It’s super tasty and it has your carbs, protein and vitamins & minerals.


5. Moisturise every day.

It keeps your tan in for longer and keeps your skin radiant and bootiful! Keep this up even when you’re back in Britain!


I hope you like my tips for summer and let me know what your tips are!


I’m back in the game for good so keep posted,