The great mistakes of make-up

It’s assignment time again in uni… hooray. I almost did a whole assignment today, then found out that I did it wrong. 3 hours of my life = wasted. Anyway, here is a little list of things you must know:

1) The overnight make-up.

This is something I never used to do. I slept in foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. BAD IDEA. I can’t even imagine going to bed with a single trace of make-up on my face now. A little while ago, I was at my sister’s place for a week and I didn’t take my make-up off before bed and my whole face got depressed and decided to take revenge by giving me spots. Your skin will feel so much better and look so much better if you just follow this advice – I cannot stress this enough!


2) The clogged up lashes.

You see them girls with so much mascara on that they look like they have 4 eyelashes. It’s due to clogging and it happens to all of us – even if you don’t have muchos mascara on. The trick, empty mascara. Eyelash combs aren’t bad for getting rid of the clogs but they cost money – empty mascara doesn’t. Don’t throw away mascara when it’s all been used up – it’s a cheaper way of getting rid of clogs and in my opinion, it works better than eyelash combs. Literally, just run it through your lashes and it separates them in no time!


3)  The chapped lips.

There’s nothing more disgusting then looking at your lips when you got lipstick on but realising your lips are flaking mega time. It’s grim. Sugar scrubs, old toothbrushes, lip balm – this will all help and should be done regularly! Another thing that I think should be done is ALWAYS apply a VERY THIN LAYER of lip balm on your chops before lipstick, lipgloss etc.


4) The ugly brows.

Guilty as charged, I neglect my brows. Lately though, the likes of Cara Delevingne have made me embrace my caterpillars and stop plucking. This said, they still need to look good – eyeshadows are a great alternative to the harsh eyebrow pencils. Dab a small eyebrow brush in an eyeshadow one shade darker than your brows, tap off excess until you can’t see the shadow on the brush and feather it through your brows. The shadow is invisible on your brush but makes a world of difference to the appearance of your brows.


5) The home made make-up.

Home made make-up is super cheap, super easy and you can make it however you like it. Here is a super simple lipgloss recipe:

1 tsp of vaseline or any petroleum jelly.

2 drops of red food colouring.

A pinch of glitter.


Mix the vaseline with the food colouring and glitter. Put into a small pot. Chill in the fridge for half an hour. Done.


You can choose your own food colouring and swap the glitter for a shimmer dust or leave it plain. That’s the great thing – you can make it your ideal shade and effect :)


6) The snob.

Never buy ONLY expensive make-up. It’s like an addiction. Luckily, I have never fallen in the trap of buying stuff from NARS or MAC only, but there are people on youtube who don’t use a single product under £5. Cheap make-up can be good make-up and buying more of the cheap stuff, you can experiment with new things all the time and find a cheaper staple item of your make-up bag. I love buying stuff from NYC or beautyuk because their stuff is cheap and amazing. My favourite pressed powder is from beautyuk and it’s under £2!


Anyway, that’s all I have for today lovelies because I am starving and I need to put a chicken pie in the oven, but til’ next time,

Ellie.. xx


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