Revlon primer review.

One thing I dislike about primers are that they can tend to be quite expensive and in small bottles – for this reason I thought I should write about Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer. This primer is fantastic and it is definitely worth trying out. I found out that this primer is discontinued though, but check it out on google because many sites (including Amazon) still sell it! I bought mine for £4, but can’t find out the RRP so shop around!

Texture: A bit like a gel but turns into an oil-like substance when you smooth it on your face.

Feel on skin: Surprised me as although it was an oil-like substance – it felt light on my face and it didn’t feel oily.

Coverage: It’s a clear primer so no coverage but my foundation looked flawless over it and it stayed on all day.

Price: No RRP as it’s discontinued but I think most places would sell it for around £5.

Bad points: It’s a small size (25ml) but this is normal for primers and you don’t need to use much at all.

Good points: Everything about this primer is perfect (apart from the size)!

To buy or not to buy: Best primer i’ve ever tried and I have no doubt in my mind i’ll buy it again.

*********(and a half) out of **********


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