I got a great chain mail for you… read on:

There’s this really cool chick called Ellie who has a fantastic blog. If you do not view her blog she will appear in the middle of your night and start playing Justin Bieber really loud in your ear. View her blog now before it’s too late!




Okay so I forgot to say about my Sandhurst inspired tutorial. Sandhurst was rainy and grey. I know. BAD TIMES. Anyway, it did inspire me for a metallic make-up look so that will be up soon.

Another thing, people have been on at me to do some posts for ethnic skin so if you think that’s a good idea… let me know. And ask your boyfriends, boy-friends, boy family etc. if they want more stuff on here for their boyish beauty needs.

PLEASE let me know if you have any great ideas or requests for me – I will be happy to oblige.



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