Spotty Lady Luck

Okay, I won something… something quite bloody grand. A L’Oreal his and hers pamper pack. I got a L’Oreal Men Expert pure&matte scrub and hydra cream for the  boyfriend – and myself, well I only got a revitalift cream and VOLUME MILLION LASHES!!! I swear that mascara is like the ultimate volumiser! So all in all, thank you L’Oreal for being so fantastically kind 😀

On another note, I HAVE OILY SKIN?!?! I never have had oily skin but for the past week or two I have. It sucks. As always, my forehead needs to be scrubbed against sandpaper to feel soft but my chin, nose, upper lip and partially, my cheeks, are oily as hell! I have 5 spots. Or 6. I only ever get 3 spots MAXIMUM at a time, so for some reason, after eating corned beef hash t’other day – I broke out. There’s one on my chin that has swollen up to the size of a 2 pence piece… and it ain’t pretty. What I need is some oil on my face – which is totally contradictory but just hear me out.

Here’s a little tip to clean the spots and pores and to make you feel more refreshed:

Wash your face.

Mix 2 tsp of salt with 2 drops of tea tree OIL (<– see, it’s not so contradictory.)

Rub this on your spots.

Mix 1 tsp of lemon juice with a pinch of chillies (dried or flaked will do.)

Stick that on them after rinsing the salt and tea tree mixture off.

Rinse your face with warm water and then splash on cold water to close your pores.

That will freshen up the spots but other than that I recommend using scrubs and face masks every other day to totally cleanse your face. Avoid wearing heavy make-up and moisturisers with oil – you can buy plenty of oil-free moisturisers for a good price in any Superdrug or Boots. I recommend Superdrug – I still have a grudge against Boots.

By looking at the ingredients this nifty little pot of all over cream seems to be oil-free and for only £1.25 (or 62p if you buy it now) for 50ml it’s a bargain!

I am using Revitalift repair 10 by L’Oreal and I don’t know if it’s oil-free but it seems to be working!

Anyway, off to fit in Embarrassing Bodies before bed as I am VERY tired!

Til’ next time,

Ellie… xx


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