Brush Care.

I have heard people get stuck on how to keep their make-up brush’s in fabulous condition so if you want to know how to keep them amaaazing follow these tips

1) After every use (every different shadow), clean the brush on a make-up wipe until there is no colour left on the brush. This will stop clogging and you will not have to wash them as often.

2) Washing instructions (wash them once a month/one every month and a half):

a) Rinse the brush under lukewarm water.

b) Apply a small drop of shampoo to your index finger.

3) Swirl the brush around your palm with the shampoo.

4) Rinse your hand and repeat step 3 twice.

5) Rinse the brush and repeat step 3 three times.

6) Rinse the brush THOROUGHLY and reshape the brush.

7) Rinse in cold water, reshape and air dry.

3) When the brush is dry after washing apply a small spritz of conditioning spray (leave-in conditioner) to the bristles. This will keep the bristles soft.

4) If the brush starts to change shape, it’s definitely time for a wash!

5) If the bristles start to fall out apply a good amount of conditioning spray to the brush and wrap in cling film. Leave overnight. If nothing changes, accept that it is either a cheaply made brush or it’s too old.


Have any good tips or tricks for brush care? Let me know


Ellie.. xx


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