Gregory Arlt.

Gregory Arlt has been a senior makeup artist for M.A.C for over 15 years and works with Dita Von Teese! In the pastGregory Arlt used to skip school with his friends and buy hair dye and was quite punky; when all his friends were outside playing sports he was painting with his father who was an aritst. It was only when he was about 20 he became interested in make-up. He used to pin down his sisters and friends and practice on them, and after working in Fred Segal, M.A.C spotted him and that was it. Since then he has flourished by learning tips from make-up artist such like Philippe Chansel; he has also been asked by stars such as Cher to design their make-up. Just comes to show that you may start off small, but who knows how famous you can become in the future!

Check out his classic pin-up girl tutorial here: 

Ellie.. xx


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