Chemical peels – using an acid containing lotion to the face to reveal a new layer of skin and approve the overall look of the face. This was a popular procedure before laser treatment, a more specific way to improve your particular area of concern. However, the peel is proving to be a more popular choice again due to the expensive price tag that lasers carry. Chemical peels can cause sore, red skin for a while and offers a range of unwanted side effects if done wrongly so while it might be the cheapest option, it may not be the safest. Side effects include: infections including encouraging previous herpes infections to arise, scarring and pigmentation imbalances/problems.


Selina Topp, 30, regularly has chemical peels to solve her skin problems. She tells me her story:


So perhaps they aren’t the most effective way either but what is the average difference in price? Dave, a healthcare advisor for BMI healthcare says “A chemical peel has no average cost but usual start in the region of £80 pounds session up to around £500 for very expensive salons and procedures. With laser treatment it depends on what treatment you want – some can cost thousands. Laser skin rejuvenation sessions average from around £150 per session. Laser treatment is the safest option for suitable skin dependant on the procedure because it is done in the hands of a professional and most side effects are only temporary. However, if chemical peels are done by a qualified person they can also be an effective way to address less serious facial blemishes.”

peel off mask

Paula Begoun, author of Paula’s choice explains AHA peels and BHA peels which are popular at home peel types, “AHA peels are effective in improving skin texture, causing some collagen and elastin rebuilding, minimally reducing the appearance of acne scarring, and reducing the appearance of skin discolorations… Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) or salicylic acid peels are not as popular as AHA peels, yet they can be equally effective and have specific advantages for some skin types. A salicylic acid solution can work in a way that is similar to a glycolic acid peel, but irritation may be reduced… it is a good peeling agent for blemish-prone skin with blackheads.”

However, many medical professionals recommend you avoid at home peels and get any cosmetic procedure involving chemicals should be done by a clinic, trusted salon or trained dermatologist.

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Some of the best rated places for chemical peels in London:

Boudoir Medical, Shoreditch. Deep skin peel: £99.

How they describe themselves: Boudoir Medical brings Harley street treatments to the heart of Shoreditch. You will have a medical consultation with Dr Ayesha Docrat, who is a fully qualified, GMC registered doctor, who will discuss your treatment options. We offer anti-wrinkle injections, and treat acne scarring, stretch marks, cellulite, skin tightening, non- surgical face lifts, body contouring and anti-ageing treatments. Please visit for more information.

Review on website from customer: “First of all, the staff is very friendly staff and professional. I went with my my mum (She’s 66), she had a face treatment with the Trilipo and after the first session I could already see the lines reducing, specially around the mouth. It’s amazing!”


Clinica Fiore Skin Medica, Covent Garden. Course of 6 Glycolic Peels: £270

How they describe themselves: FINALIST FOR BEST CLINIC IN THE UK in Association with Cosmetic News 2011-2012-2013

At Clinica Fiore we focus on aesthetic treatments for men and women, providing solution to hair removal, pigmentation removal, acne problems, skin rejuvenation and a range of anti-ageing treatments including wrinkle-relaxing injections, dermal fillers, mesotherapy, carboxy therapy,fraxel laser, fat freeze, massage and more.

Clinica Fiore’s main goal is to educate clients about the available techniques and what will best suit them, as opposed to selling every treatment available. We have highly qualified and experienced practitioners that will provide guidance and assist our clients make the best decisions and achieve their desired outcomes in a discreet and confidential manner. At Clinica Fiore we take each treatment very seriously and we provide an aftercare service to ensure all is well and our clients are fully satisfied by the treatment.

Clinica Fiore also specialise in beauty and maintenance by offering a range of treatments such as facials for men and woman performed by one of the UK’s leading beauty therapists having worked in the industry for the past 8 years who has worked with a number of celebrities.

We have located the clinic in Central London and operate as flexibly as possible. Knowing the busy lifestyle of many people in London, we aim to provide a service that is efficient as well as being extremely effective. We can accommodate treatments early in the morning, lunch, evenings and even weekends. We believe that beauty should be for everyone and, with our competitive prices, hope to allow more people to experience the world of aesthetic beauty treatments. Come and see for yourself, you’ll never feel better.

Review on from customer: The clinic which is set slightly away from the hustle and bustle of lively Covent Garden was refreshingly cool as I stepped in late for my appointment on a very rare hot day. I had called beforehand to explain I was running late and the gentleman that answered was very accommodating and pleasant. The clinic itself has a minimalist décor and was impeccably clean. My therapist, Fabrizio was very friendly and customer focused. He discussed the treatment with me which was helpful as I did not really know what to expect. More importantly he was very knowledgeable about the treatment and provided me with good aftercare advice which I am following. I booked a further treatment before leaving and will be returning next week.

Superb clinic with caring well informed staff and excellent customer service.

Wellness Lounge at The Beauty Spot, Chiswick. Chemical skin peel: £42.

How they describe themselves: With our hectic pace of life we all need somewhere we can go to unwind and rejuvenate. Wellness Lounge offers a relaxing, friendly space where you can have some precious time to yourself and enjoy a deeply relaxing body massage, radiance boosting facial or fabulous nail treatment. Our therapists offer all the expertise and professionalism you could want, but with a caring, attentive approach that makes you feel welcome, special and more than a little pampered. Our goal is to deliver immediate and visible results that will enhance the way you look and feel. It is our pleasure to have you and provide you with a relaxing retreat from the stresses of everyday life.

Review on from customer: Lovely place, simple but cute and the therapist always goes out of her way to accommodate your requests. Already recommended friends.


Go hard or go home.

So recently I had a lovely little trip to the V&A Museum to nosey around the Club To Catwalk 80s fashion exhibition with uni and I think my love for the 80s has never been stronger. One look that really grabbed my attention was the Buffalo/Hard Times look, I swear down I could not stop saying “OMG I LOVE IT!” Think studs and leather and distressed material – thanks to the recession in the 80s we still have that look in some of today’s clothes. Madonna was a lover of the look and although i’m not a fan of hers, she certainly knew how to rock it. So, as a result of my new found love for the hard times look, here’s a little how-to on how to make it look good!

hard times look


Netting, studs, ripped fabrics (being careful not too rip too much) and my personal guilty pleasure: BUM BAGS!

You’ll find so much hard times inspired stuff in high street shops it’s unreal! Notice how Madonna wore those cross earrings? The cross print is everywhere nowadays, not only for accessories but on clothes too. Oh, and chunky metal bangles are easily accessible pretty much anywhere as well as leather jackets. You can easily customise old clothes with split pins to look like studs, try doing it with an old belt. The hard times look has it’s name for s reason, when the recession hit hard, people couldn’t spend much on clothes so getting the look yourself needn’t be expensive.



Smokey eyes and red lips are probably the two main looks of the hard times. Get out the dark shadows and team with a more rosy tinted gloss or draw a thick black line around your eyes with either a liquid or felt-tip eyeliner and use the red lipstick generously! If you’re looking for a bold look, get a little bit of inspiration (and I mean VERY little) from TOWIE. The shape of their eyeshadow is quite like the hard times look where it stretches out to the end of their brows. If that isn’t bold enough, wear with the red lipstick.



Backcombing. Need I say more? Backcomb your hair to the max everywhere and lightly run your fingers through it with some mousse. Dig out your primary school scrunchie and wear a side ponytail on the top of your head. It might sound crazy, but hey, the 80s were all about being crazy!

Anyway, i’m gonna carry on looking for the bum bag I wore in Florida when I was 8, wish me luck!

Ellie.. xx

WOAH are you ever gonna hear from me again? CC CREAM!

Yes, you will. It’s been months since I have posted something on my blog and it’s not that i’ve forgotten about it, more just like I haven’t got the time! I was sitting down the other day thinking of how i’m going to get round this problem and i’ve come to a decision that my blog is going to be more of a “quarterly” thing. You will still be able to read new tips and tricks, reviews and tutorials, just less often as you did when I started this up. And, hey, if I have a few spare minutes on my hands – i’ll try and get a new post up! So, now that’s out of the way how about I talk about that CC cream by L’Oreal? Nude Magique CC Cream to be a bit more precise.


cc cream

I got a sample in ‘Apricot’ because my skin has been looking a bit more tired than awake and glowing lately and I must say – it did improve the look of my skin quite a bit – I am  quite impressed!


Texture: Like an everyday liquid foundation.

Feel on skin: Nothing out of the ordinary but quite light.

Coverage: Medium.

Price: £6.99-£9.99 (not too shabby)

Bad points: None really… it didn’t blow me away though.

Good points: Improved the look of my skin, gave me a decent amount of coverage and didn’t feel cakey like a lot if BB creams do.

To buy or not to buy: I don’t see why not, I am quite happy with the outcome.

Star rating: **** out of *****


So, til next SEASON (sad face),

Ellie.. xx

Has it really been that long? (My beauty essentials right now.)

Omg, I just found out I haven’t posted in almost 2 months! That is just unforgivable! Well it’s hard to stay mad at me so I guess it’s quite forgiveable actually…

So anyways, what do I absolutely NEED during this super-hot, super-awesome time in my life? The following.

1) Phil Smith Argan Oil.

I got it free in an issue of Cosmopolitan and now I think to myself, “what the hell did I do without it?” It’s great for argan oil virgins because it’s an oil-in-cream formula so you don’t have to be worried about it getting greasy. I recommend applying a small amount to your mid-shaft through to your ends and combing through. For super dry hair or added softness, use the excess further up and comb through.

The reason I love it right now is because the sun can be a right meanie to your hair and this product sticks up for your hair!


2) Revitalift repair 10 moisturiser.

L’Oreal have really made me become obsessed with this. I may not be wrinkly but it gives me a fantastic glow and is great for the harsh weather conditions.


3) Garnier eye roll-on with concealer.

This 2 in 1 roll-on is too good for words. I have natural Uncle Fester eyes, but with a spot of this underneath my peepers I look awake. It’s just a miracle worker. Awake eyes are essential to look fab in the sun!


4) FCUK whipped bodycream,

Smells fab. Feels fab. Nuff said.


5) They’re real! Benefit mascara.

Pricey but worth it. Great as a natural looking mascara when applied lightly, or use generously for a false lash effect. Pretty darn amazing if you ask me.


Anyway, i’ve been so busy with work and that’s why i’ve been a bit MIA lately but i’ll try my hardest to post more often from now on.

See you cool cats soon…

Ellie.. xx

Revlon Nearly Naked.

HEYHEYHEY! I have been so busy that I just have not had a spare minute in the day to post! Anyway, i’ve mentioned this foundation in my tutorials before and said it’s hardly any coverage – but things have changed! I’ve started to use a bit more of this foundation, replacing my Dream Nude Foam by Maybelline with it. After I actually have it a chance, using it as a normal foundation – I realised the coverage is amazing! My skin looks flawless but so natural!


Texture: Normal liquid foundation.

Feel on skin: Light.

Coverage: PERFECT! Flawless but natural.

Price: £8.99 . Quite pricey.

Bad points: A little bit pricey.

Good points: SO MANY! The look, the feel…

To buy or not to buy: I got it from Hello! as one of my gifts so it was free – I probably would buy it again when I have the money!

Star rating: ****and a half out of *****


Ellie.. xx

Make-up for a pound? MUA VS Benefit review.

MUA is short for Makeup Academy. MUA is a little brand that seems to be exclusive to Superdrug and the majority of their cosmetics are only a pound. Since I ran out of Magic Ink by Benefit and I wasn’t exactly rolling in cash I thought i’d buy an MUA liquid liner and MUA pressed powder, both just a pound each.

Wasn’t all that impressed. The eyeliner looked good and stayed on for hours but I didn’t like the pointed nib – it was quite solid, it didn’t have a super-easy application like my Magic Ink and it’s super soft brush. However, that said – if you’re a pro at applying liquid liner then by all means MUA’s one is great! It’s £14.50 cheaper than Benefit’s (I know, ridiculous!) so if you can apply it well, then it’s great – stays on, isn’t flaky, looks good on so go for it! However, I will always love my Magic Ink, but MUA will have to do.

The powder? Pleasantly surprised. Good coverage, makes my foundation stick BUT it’s a little bit orange. The powder looks paler than my skin and because the case is sealed before you open it and they don’t have testers, you can’t try it. When I got home, I was sure I was gonna look a bit pale after applying it but far from it. Make sure to go for a couple of shades lighter if you buy it – then you’ll be cushty!

Sorry this was a quick post – very busy, long story, tell you later!

‘Til next time,

Ellie.. xx

Omg life is busy! The weather hates my face.

Ok, so I have not stopped lately. Seriously. I have moved back in with my parents, been doing assignments, looking for a job, hanging out with my sister, doing work around the house, doing odd jobs for my cousin, and much more! I have had no time to post on here for a while so I do apologise for that. ANYWAY – THE WEATHER. It’s playing havoc on my skin and that’s a common factor for a lot of people. It’s hot, then raining. Then hot again, oh wait, it’s raining again. SERIOUSLY WEATHER GIVE IT A REST.

You need to protect your skin. So please, indulge in these tips:

1) Use a spf moisturiser. Protects your skin from cold and sun. Win/win really.

2) Go light with the foundation. The heat can make the foundation want to kill your skin and the rain is just going to wash it off.

3) Use baby wipes. Huggies pure are amazing for removing makeup and super gentle on your unhappy skin.

4) Try removing your eye makeup with vaseline.

– Rub a bit of vaseline on your closed eye.

– Use a tissue to gently wipe away,

– Use a slightly damp tissue and wipe away again

– Repeat until eye makeup is removed.

It can take a bit longer but be gentle and it’s a super kind way to remove makeup and it moisturises your eye area.

5) Indulge in facial spas. Show your face that even the weather hates it, you still love it. And nothing will change that.


So, sorry this has been a short post but it’s 1 in the morning and I am still super busy. Time to empty the dishwasher.

‘Til next time,

Ellie.. xx

The great mistakes of make-up

It’s assignment time again in uni… hooray. I almost did a whole assignment today, then found out that I did it wrong. 3 hours of my life = wasted. Anyway, here is a little list of things you must know:

1) The overnight make-up.

This is something I never used to do. I slept in foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. BAD IDEA. I can’t even imagine going to bed with a single trace of make-up on my face now. A little while ago, I was at my sister’s place for a week and I didn’t take my make-up off before bed and my whole face got depressed and decided to take revenge by giving me spots. Your skin will feel so much better and look so much better if you just follow this advice – I cannot stress this enough!


2) The clogged up lashes.

You see them girls with so much mascara on that they look like they have 4 eyelashes. It’s due to clogging and it happens to all of us – even if you don’t have muchos mascara on. The trick, empty mascara. Eyelash combs aren’t bad for getting rid of the clogs but they cost money – empty mascara doesn’t. Don’t throw away mascara when it’s all been used up – it’s a cheaper way of getting rid of clogs and in my opinion, it works better than eyelash combs. Literally, just run it through your lashes and it separates them in no time!


3)  The chapped lips.

There’s nothing more disgusting then looking at your lips when you got lipstick on but realising your lips are flaking mega time. It’s grim. Sugar scrubs, old toothbrushes, lip balm – this will all help and should be done regularly! Another thing that I think should be done is ALWAYS apply a VERY THIN LAYER of lip balm on your chops before lipstick, lipgloss etc.


4) The ugly brows.

Guilty as charged, I neglect my brows. Lately though, the likes of Cara Delevingne have made me embrace my caterpillars and stop plucking. This said, they still need to look good – eyeshadows are a great alternative to the harsh eyebrow pencils. Dab a small eyebrow brush in an eyeshadow one shade darker than your brows, tap off excess until you can’t see the shadow on the brush and feather it through your brows. The shadow is invisible on your brush but makes a world of difference to the appearance of your brows.


5) The home made make-up.

Home made make-up is super cheap, super easy and you can make it however you like it. Here is a super simple lipgloss recipe:

1 tsp of vaseline or any petroleum jelly.

2 drops of red food colouring.

A pinch of glitter.


Mix the vaseline with the food colouring and glitter. Put into a small pot. Chill in the fridge for half an hour. Done.


You can choose your own food colouring and swap the glitter for a shimmer dust or leave it plain. That’s the great thing – you can make it your ideal shade and effect 🙂


6) The snob.

Never buy ONLY expensive make-up. It’s like an addiction. Luckily, I have never fallen in the trap of buying stuff from NARS or MAC only, but there are people on youtube who don’t use a single product under £5. Cheap make-up can be good make-up and buying more of the cheap stuff, you can experiment with new things all the time and find a cheaper staple item of your make-up bag. I love buying stuff from NYC or beautyuk because their stuff is cheap and amazing. My favourite pressed powder is from beautyuk and it’s under £2!


Anyway, that’s all I have for today lovelies because I am starving and I need to put a chicken pie in the oven, but til’ next time,

Ellie.. xx

Purple smokey eyes video tutorial

I messed up mega time on this one 😐 I forgot to do the liquid eyeliner BEFORE the mascara. I’m ill – forgive me. Anyway, yeah bad webcam still – but check it out and I hope you like it 😀



P.S: Just thought i’d let you know of a lady called JennaMarbles. Check her out on youtube cause she makes me laugh ALOT. I’m slightly addicted.


Til next time,

Ellie.. xx