The Porefessional Primer by Benefit.

My amazingly lovely sister bought me my fave liquid liner (Magic Ink by Benefit) and my fave primer (The Porefessional by Benefit) for Christmas, I think she’s god damn amazing. I think a review of this primer is needed.






Texture: A very thick balm.

Feel on skin: Light and airy.

Coverage: As it’s a primer, the coverage isn’t gonna be great but it does make the skin tone look much more even.

Base quality: Fantastic. Made my foundation easy to apply and went on smoothly.

Staying power: Made my foundation stay on all day and night.

Price: RRP £23.50 – very pricey but it’s Benefit, so it’s expected.

Bad points: Pricey.

Good points: Fit’s most skin colours, nice texture, a little goes a long way, and so many more – too many to list!

To buy or not to buy: If I was rich or if I just had the money laying around? OH GOD YES!

Star rating: Price aside – ***** out of *****


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