Christmas looks.

So uni work FINISHED. Christmas shopping FINISHED. Christmas wrapping… well that’s gonna be done tomorrow. Now I can finally write about them party looks I was on about in my last post. NOTE: I did this whilst I was suffering from the flu so my eyebrows are scarily untamed and I have no mascara on and they’re not my best work – HOWEVER I will add some tips on how to improve them. Oh, and I have shot them with my eyes closed so you can get a better jist of how to apply it.


These looks focus on the green colour that is oh so popular at Christmas time!



eye 1



1) Apply a thick line of shadow on the top lash line and blend outward and upward to the end of your eyebrow.

2) Apply a small dusting of silver shadow lightly on the green shadow above the lash line – do not blend over the extended line.

3) Apply a very, very small line of liquid liner over the lash line.

4) Apply mascara as you wish.



Use a shadow line to apply the green shadow over the lash line and instead of blending, just use a brush for the extended line.

NOTE: A shadow line is a clear liquid eyeliner that you dip into a pigment to apply. ALWAYS CLEAN THE SHADOW LINE BRUSH BEFORE YOU DIP BACK INTO THE POT.



eye 2


1) Apply a green shadow half way on the lash line and blend outward and upward towards your eyebrow.

2) Blend the colour over the crease halfway.

3) Apply a bit more green shadow on the brush and blend the colour from the crease towards your outer corner and fill.

4) Apply lashings of mascara.


HOW TO IMPROVE:  Apply a very thin line of liquid liner under the green on your lash line. Tightline your eyes.



So the lesson learnt here today is – DON’T EXPECT MUCH FROM ME WHEN I AM ILL.


A few more ideas that don’t need pics are as follows.


1) Apply a highly pigmented red gloss over your lips for a touch of Christmas red for those who don’t like the boldness of lipstick!

2) Try adding a little gold or silver shadow over your usual lipstick or lipgloss around the top of your cupids bow and in the centre of your bottom lip for a truly gorgeous Christmassy pout!

3) Apply an illuminating face primer before your foundation for the essential Christmas glow. I’ve discovered a new one by Technic called “Prime It” which i’m dying to try! It’s very cheap at only £3.99 for 33 ml on LoveThyMakeup. It’s also got amazing reviews from like EVERYONE.


prime it



Got any Christmas make-up tips? Lemme know 😉

Ellie.. xx


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