Has it really been that long? (My beauty essentials right now.)

Omg, I just found out I haven’t posted in almost 2 months! That is just unforgivable! Well it’s hard to stay mad at me so I guess it’s quite forgiveable actually…

So anyways, what do I absolutely NEED during this super-hot, super-awesome time in my life? The following.

1) Phil Smith Argan Oil.

I got it free in an issue of Cosmopolitan and now I think to myself, “what the hell did I do without it?” It’s great for argan oil virgins because it’s an oil-in-cream formula so you don’t have to be worried about it getting greasy. I recommend applying a small amount to your mid-shaft through to your ends and combing through. For super dry hair or added softness, use the excess further up and comb through.

The reason I love it right now is because the sun can be a right meanie to your hair and this product sticks up for your hair!


2) Revitalift repair 10 moisturiser.

L’Oreal have really made me become obsessed with this. I may not be wrinkly but it gives me a fantastic glow and is great for the harsh weather conditions.


3) Garnier eye roll-on with concealer.

This 2 in 1 roll-on is too good for words. I have natural Uncle Fester eyes, but with a spot of this underneath my peepers I look awake. It’s just a miracle worker. Awake eyes are essential to look fab in the sun!


4) FCUK whipped bodycream,

Smells fab. Feels fab. Nuff said.


5) They’re real! Benefit mascara.

Pricey but worth it. Great as a natural looking mascara when applied lightly, or use generously for a false lash effect. Pretty darn amazing if you ask me.


Anyway, i’ve been so busy with work and that’s why i’ve been a bit MIA lately but i’ll try my hardest to post more often from now on.

See you cool cats soon…

Ellie.. xx


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