I did my tutorial.

My memory card is gay. Yes, I did the tutorial yesterday (I WAS SO SCARED) but my memory card maxxed out after 3mins ish and stopped recording before I put any make-up on. HOWEVER to prove I did it I shall write the instructions and below I will include the first 3 mins (it will bore you to death because I hadn’t even put any make-up on before it stopped filming and a video of me moaning about my memory card when I have the make-up done and when I do the lips. Please note however, the lighting is really bad in the second video so you won’t be able to see much (it went all orangey and dark) but I will include pics of the eye make-up. Enjoy if you can 😐 OH AND BEAR IN MIND. I was using my phone cause the digital camera wasn’t working so quality wise the video is CRAPOLA!

Step 1) Apply base – e.g. foundation, concealer, powder etc. Apply bronzer and/or blusher.

Step 2) Apply a pale brown to sockets up to crease.

Step 3) Apply a darker brown over crease up to bottom of brow bone and blend to outer corners of eyes.

Step 4) Use a blender brush in circular motions to smooth out bold lines and blend colours slightly.

Step 5) Use liquid liner to line upper lash line.

Step 6) Tightline eyes (upper rims and waterline.)

Step 7) When doing your waterline slightly go outside the line almost as if your tickling your bottom lashes with the eyeliner.

Step 8) Apply LASHINGS of mascara or/and false lashes.

Step 9) Dab foundation on to freshly balmed or vaselined lips.

Step 10) Apply a nude lipstick,

Step 11) Add nudey/rose gloss.

Step 12) Admire how sexy you look.


Clear sign I should not to tutorials.





Okay, so at least pics work. I will do this exact look on the digital camera when it decides to work. Sorry again, but at least you can get a rough idea of what happened 🙂

Ellie.. xx


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