Revlon Nearly Naked.

HEYHEYHEY! I have been so busy that I just have not had a spare minute in the day to post! Anyway, i’ve mentioned this foundation in my tutorials before and said it’s hardly any coverage – but things have changed! I’ve started to use a bit more of this foundation, replacing my Dream Nude Foam by Maybelline with it. After I actually have it a chance, using it as a normal foundation – I realised the coverage is amazing! My skin looks flawless but so natural!


Texture: Normal liquid foundation.

Feel on skin: Light.

Coverage: PERFECT! Flawless but natural.

Price: £8.99 . Quite pricey.

Bad points: A little bit pricey.

Good points: SO MANY! The look, the feel…

To buy or not to buy: I got it from Hello! as one of my gifts so it was free – I probably would buy it again when I have the money!

Star rating: ****and a half out of *****


Ellie.. xx