Exfoliation tips and UNE foundation.

I’m always inspired to write a new post when I have a lovely pampering day. I tried two new additions to my regular, scrub, mask and moisturiser and they work like a charm! So here’s a step to step guide on how to reach a radiant face:

1) Wash your face with a cleansing face wash. I used Simple Kind to Skin refreshing facial wash gel.

£3.25 for 150ml – but £2.00 as Superdrug atm so hurry up and order!


£1.23 for 50ml – but £1.19 at Superdrug atm (4p isn’t much a big deal though…)



2) Exfoliate with a scrub. I used Simply Pure Smoothing Face Scrub –  this brand is Superdrug’s own so exclusive to Superdrug!!!

£2.59 for 75ml.



3) After rinsing, exfolaite with exfolaiting gloves and pure water.

No RRP for these but cheap as chips, I got mine in poundland, but £2.49 for a pair in Superdrug.



4) Apply your favourite face mask. I used Simply Pure Cleansing Face Mask.

£2.59 for 75ml.



5) After washing use a lightweight moisturiser. I used Simply Pure Light Moisturiser.

£2.59 for 75ml.




So, I know I’ve been talking Skincare lots lately and it’s because i’ve been getting spots lately and not only that but when you’re as make-up loving as me you gotta learn to love your skin instead of just caking it and skincare products provide that love!

Now for the UNE foundation….


I was scared to try this as tbh it’s all about the non-airbrushed, non-cakey-faced-whore look so I thought I don’t want to risk spending money on something that won’t give me my well-loved max coverage so when I got a sample I was happy that I could try it for free.

It was good, i’m not gonna lie.

It gave me a very nice medium coverage, almost high coverage. So here’s my review spec:

Texture: It was liquid foundation.

Feel on skin: Not as heavy as most foundations but wasn’t as light as air.

Coverage: Very good medium.

Price: £12.49, overpriced I think.

Bad points: Wasn’t my max coverage and pricey.

Good points: Not heavy and it gave me a natural look.

To buy or not to buy: I wouldn’t buy it as it’s too expensive for what it is

Star rating: *** out of *****


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