Tutorial time :D Nude Mood

This make-up look is perfect for an everyday pretty look. Think light pinks and chocolatey browns.

Step 1) After applying foundation, blend a pink blusher with a tan bronzer and apply to your cheekbones, I used Benefit’s ‘Dandelion’ for my pink shade and Benefit’s ‘Hoola’ for my brown shade.

Step 2) Apply a shimmery baby pink or off-white to the whole socket blending upwards to the brow bone in a diagonal motion so only the outer third of your brown bone has shadow. I used Benefit’s velvet eyeshadow in ‘Leggy’.

Step 3) Use a slightly darker matte pink with a hint of brown for the outer 2/3 of the socket, not blending to the brow bone. I used Front Cover’s satin pressed in ‘Brown Peach’.

Step 4) For the outer corners, blend a small amount (about the outer 1/6 of your socket) of dark brown. Blend further towards the inner corners but not going past the last 1/3 of the outer corners if you prefer a more blended, intense look. I used Benefit’s velvet eyeshadow in ‘Dandy Brandy’.

Step 5) Use ONLY a lengthening mascara (volume mascara can look too dramatic for our soft look) for your lashes.

Step 6) Use a nudey pink lipstick and apply generously. I used Revlon’s Vital Radiance in ‘Sparkling Pink’.

Step 7) Using a lip brush, apply some shimmering pink lipgloss. I used Ted Baker’s Liquid Lip Color S’lip. There was no name for the shade.


I’ll post pictures up later :)


Maybe another tutorial next time… keep posted!

Ellie.. xx


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