Where the magic happens…

Wanna know what my workspace looks like when I do make-up? OF COURSE YOU DO!

Before you look: It’s not so glamorous, don’t get your self over-excited…

It’s messy but practical… Here you can see make-up, a mirror, a hairbrush, headband, tissue and a sky remote. I like to listen to music whilst I do make-up…. Oh and part of my bed.


I haven’t been so happy today. I applied for a job at Boots for a Smashbox counter last week and today I found out that I didn’t get it. Don’t expect to see any Smashbox reviews on here any time soon. If i’m not good enough for them, they’re not good enough for me.

So, as a little dig at boots I shall tell you some cheap cosmetics and such like I love and give you the SUPERDRUG urls for them :)
Miss Sporty Mini-Me Eye Liner in Black Raven (£2.59) I love this eyeliner as it’s automatic so no sharpening and it comes out so easily, smoothly and bold! It’s the best eyeliner EVER!


NYC Show Time Volumising Mascara (£1.99) I love this mascara as it’s not too thick, never dries out and after just one coat it looks EHMAZING!


Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Wipes for Dry or Sensitive Skin (£1.49 = usually £3.05) They’re not THE cheapest of wipes but they’re reasonably priced and THE best wipes on the market – not too dry or too wet and clean make-up off in an instant. What’s even better – they’re so gentle but effective!


Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil Black/Brown (£2.99) This pencil is a godsend! It glides on perfectly and has a little brush on the lid for perfect blending and shaping.



One more thing for being such lovely readers – i’m going to tell you my secret of buying cosmetics cheaply: Ebay and Google.

I buy so many cosmetics off Ebay because of the discounted prices they sell them at and Google is perfect for finding a site where they sell discounted and discontinued products!

http://www.cosmeticsfairy.co.uk/ is a great, cheap site that even has a 99p or less page! Definitely worth a browse!


Until next time,

Ellie.. xx


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