Purifying cleansing facial for ALL skin types!

I got a few spots the other day. About 3 to be precise. Yes, even very dry skin get spots and it’s all thanks to the natural oils in or skin (sebum). This post is a facial to get rid of the excess nasty oils and dry out those spots in next to no time. It’s suitable for all skin types due to the final step – moisturisation. That’s not a word, I know. Oh and P.S, I have pics at the bottom of the products I used :)


Step 1) Wash your face with a pore cleaning wash like Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore & shine daily wash. I got this wash from the lovely people at Hello! Magazine and I LOVE IT!

Step 2) Repeat step 1. Cleansing once removes surface dirt. Cleansing again will remove dirt deeper in the skin.

Step 3) Use a good purifying face scrub like Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore & shine daily scrub. Again, from Hello!

Step 4) Mix a good size amount of talcum powder with a TINY bit of water until it forms a thick paste. I used Yardley English Lavender perfumed talc, but any talcum powder is fine! If you’ve got sensitive skin, I would recommend a baby talc like  Johnson’s Baby Powder.

Step 5) Apply the paste all over your face like a face mask. Leave for a few minutes until it dries firm and rinse off.

Step 6) THE MAGIC STEP TO SUIT YOUR SKIN TYPE. Apply a moisturiser suitable for your skin types. Oily skins should use a very light moisturiser  sensitive skins should use an unfragranced gentle moisturiser and if like me, you have dry skin: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is FAB!


Snapshot_20130301 Snapshot_20130301_1 Snapshot_20130301_2 Snapshot_20130301_3


I hope this helps everyone who has some unwanted bumps on their face!

Until next time,

Ellie.. xx


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