I have been so busy with my new job it’s been hard to fit most things into my life! I’m just starting out so bear with me and the blog will be back to it’s regular updates in no time! I work 5pm-10pm and don’t get back until gone 11pm so as you can see, I have no time at night to do much! As a little sorry/thank you (for bearing with me) gesture I am going to write a few things to do with your hair when you have no time on your hands! I know it’s not make-up as such but it’s still a handy guide!


Sexy curly waves.

1) Apply lashings of mousse to your hair by scrunching.

2) Plait your hair or tie it a bun.

4) Apply make-up.

5) Grab your hair dryer and on the cool setting use it on the bun/plait for 60 seconds.

6) Untie the bun/plait and you’ll look fab!


Easy summer up-do.

1) Loosely tie your hair in a bun. Not too low, not too high – about mid way.

2) Massage your temples and slowly work your fingers further away until your reach the bun so a few stray strands fall out.

3) Use a curling iron or straighteners to loosely curl your fringe and strays for an optional soft touch.


Chic ponytail.

1) Tightly pull back your hair only at the sides and brush your hair at the top (including fringes) towards the pony tail.

2) Before tying, keep pulling the sides of your hair whilst leaving the top untouched. This should give a slight quiff to the top of your hair without it looking like an elvis style.

3) Hairspray all strays to the ponytail to make it look flawless.


Back-combed beauty.

1) Back-comb your whole hair.

2) Tie it in a ponytail.


Bobby-pin side-do.

1) Brush one side of your hair to the other side.

2) Bobby pin carefully whilst hairspraying for a mermaid effect.



I hope you like these ideas and try them out!




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