20′s/50′s inspired pin-up halloween look.

Halloween is nearly here so I thought i’d do a little tutorial for a 20′s/50′s inspired pin-up look. It’s not my BEST work but I put a lot of effort into doing this… I even curled my new super-short hair :| Anyway here goes:

1) Apply primer, foundation, concealer and powder. You want a flawless skin look for this but it’s best to go for shades that are slighter lighter than your face… old style pin-ups were pale. DO NOT APPLY BLUSHER OR BRONZER – you want to go for a porcelain look.

2) Apply a silver glittery shadow all over your socket going slightly above to the bottom of your brow bone.

3) Apply a very very dark silver matte shadow on your outer half of your eye going slightly out of the corners.

4) Apply a liquid liner very thick above your lash line. Wings are optional.

5) Apply eyeliner to your waterline and tickle your lashes so it goes slightly out of the rims. You can tightline of you wish.

6) Apply a traffic light red lipstick generously on your lips and coat with a red gloss.

7) Curl your hair for a finishing touch :) Also you can add a “beauty spot” with liquid liner below your eye :)


PICTURES: I know i’m doing sidemouth AGAIN. Btw, my mouth looks rank in the bottom pic.



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