I am LOVING the monochrome trend at the minute… I mean I always have, but right now i’m ADORING it!

It’s all about the black and white… with a bit of grey thrown in as an optional touch. I did a lovely monochrome look the other day but i’m at uni at the minute and my Wi-Fi on my phone isn’t so fab so I will put pics on here when I have a spare minute at home. I also want to do a few more so it might take me longer since it will be best to upload them all at once.

Inspirational figures that rock the monochrome look are people like Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn. I guess the 60’s had a lot of monochrome floating around, it was all about bold colour blocking and if that meant checkerboard dresses and one black earring, one white then that’s what they did – and OH GOD did it look fabulous? Rhetorical question (it did.)


So, think polka dots, checkers, crazy shapes and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can bring it up to date with blending and shading – maybe even have statement eyes with such nude lips, they’re almost white!

The amazing thing about monochrome is that it’s so versatile that it can be glittery, shimmering, matte or glossy and still look beautiful. Black and white go with anything so monochrome make-up can be easily achieved every day!

Okay, I did a tutorial via my webcam this time – hoping it would work. It is very amateurish (I said Dallas instead of Hoola in terms of bronzer but corrected myself and said s**t when the make-up box closed on my hand. I also sound like a 12 year old. I apologise and will get better. And btw, you don’t have to say that I do ugly facial expressions when I apply make-up or that I have a big nose – I already know that ;)) Plus it is crap quality.

Monochrome tutorial






Ellie.. xx


Junk mail, George Galloway and Hello! Magazine.

I have a week’s work experience at Hello! Magazine at the end of this month… I am one very lucky girl – and the best part of it? I WILL BE WORKING WITH THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT! I mean, this is like a dream come true for me – working in the beauty department at such a well-known magazine – it’s just 10.0 on the Richter scale of crazy!

JUNK MAIL MAKES ME ANNOYED AS HELL. There’s all these random spammers on my comments inbox saying “I went on this website and they gave me 10kg of free cauliflower.” Okay, maybe not that random but it might as well be. Genuine comments are the best however so please feel free to comment with some relevant stuff and not how amazing you think empty Lucozade bottles are and how I can get some… i’m totally not interested.

I had a preference at uni today with George Galloway. I’m pretty sure his wife doesn’t like me after I asked a ballsy question – you can’t be afraid when you’re a journalist.

This is kinda how it went:


The lecturer: Yes, Eloise?

Me: Mr.Galloway, you’ve been married several times and divorced a few times, have you ever thought that you don’t like the concept of monogamy?

Everyone in the room: *GASP*

George Galloway: You should ask my wife who’s sitting here, my lawyers are outside too. You don’t know why my previous marriages have ended and if you did know you wouldn’t be asking that question.

George Galloway’s wife: *whispers* The sources you’re reading are unreliable honey.


That’s basically the jist of it and i’m not gonna lie – I worded my question badly, it was my first press conference. I meant to say that he hasn’t divorced one of his previous wives (why not?) and basically that he has been married to like four or five different women – has your work life affected this… but noooo, everyone seemed to think I was implying he was unfaithful.


However, lecturers seemed to be impressed of my ballsy question and one of them said he thought I was brilliant.


Ellie – 1, George Galloway – 0.


Anyway, I got a mock exam in a bit for shorthand and i’m not feeling at all up to it so I best do some breathing exercises or what not.

Ellie.. xx

Me and my Sodastream… and baby wipes.Me and my Sodastream. And baby wipes.

Back to uni tomorrow. Joy. Anyway, just thought i’d tell you all about a fantastic invention called a Sodastream that was made in about the 70s or 80s or something and they bought it back out recently. I got one for Christmas and I love it. It makes water fizzy adn you add loads of different flavours so you can make your own Diet Coke. Yeah, it’s awesome.


Ok, so on the beauty side of things… BABY WIPES.

When I couldn’t find any make-up wipes in McColl’s the other day, I was obligated to buy Huggies Pure wipes. Not too shabby.


Granted I was only wearing foundation and Great Lash mascara by Maybelline (good for seperation) but it took it off relatively easily and didn’t sting my eyes and make them all red and puffy and unattractive. It was gently on my eye’s and skin and they are sooo cute. The teddies on the wipes made me cry because it was that adorable.


All in all, something that cleans a baby’s bottom is not too bad to remove make-up. It was like almost £3 for the pack with 64 wipes. (Random number, I know, why not 65 or 6o?) So they were really cheap  and good quality – they were durable.


Baby wipes are so versatile for cleaning not only your make-up, but for cleaning anything really and the pack says “gentle cleaning likr cotton wool and water” but it’s 10x better and taking make-up off your mush.


I would try them out for yourself really instead of forking out £4 for 25 make-up wipes.


The pack has a cute baby on too so you can use the make-up wipe for wiping off your broody tears.


Just purely for your viewing pleasure here’s some pics of the wipe but i’m covering my face because i’m make-up less right now. As we are speaking, I have zero make-up, bed hair and in my onesie – which is totally cute by the way but being 5ft 3″ – even a size 6 is too long.


Snapshot_20130106 Snapshot_20130106_1

See the teddies, aren’t they beaut?


So anyways, off to watch some TV whilst wondering about how extremely fun uni will be tomorrow… 3 hours on the train for a 1 hour lesson – ridiculous I know.


Ellie.. xx



The Porefessional Primer by Benefit.

My amazingly lovely sister bought me my fave liquid liner (Magic Ink by Benefit) and my fave primer (The Porefessional by Benefit) for Christmas, I think she’s god damn amazing. I think a review of this primer is needed.






Texture: A very thick balm.

Feel on skin: Light and airy.

Coverage: As it’s a primer, the coverage isn’t gonna be great but it does make the skin tone look much more even.

Base quality: Fantastic. Made my foundation easy to apply and went on smoothly.

Staying power: Made my foundation stay on all day and night.

Price: RRP £23.50 – very pricey but it’s Benefit, so it’s expected.

Bad points: Pricey.

Good points: Fit’s most skin colours, nice texture, a little goes a long way, and so many more – too many to list!

To buy or not to buy: If I was rich or if I just had the money laying around? OH GOD YES!

Star rating: Price aside – ***** out of *****


I recently had a play around with my make-up to create a super-stylish new years look and after about 10 tries I think I finally got it. This look is quite similar to my pin-up look but a bit more eye-focused and a bit more smokey 😉

1) Apply primer, foundation,concealer, powder and a touch of bronzer to create a flawless base.

2) Apply a silver shimmery shadow to the entire socket.

3) Using a very dark charcoal (not black) shadow, carefully apply on the outer third of your eye a blend into the crease.

4) Apply liquid liner to the lash line and tightline the eyes.

5) Layer on lashings of mascara.

6) Apply a sheer slick of lipbalm and dab foundation on the lips.

7) Using a lip brush, apply some nude lipstick and finish with a baby pink gloss.

2012-12-24 16.38.132012-12-24 16.39.07

Well, hello sidemouth again… as you can see I was very tired whilst doing this so apologies for the shoddy work. And the perspective has appeared to make my nose look bigger than usual… that’s gay.#


Anyway, sorry this is a short post but i’m rather tired and I also want to write a review on the Porefessional primer – check it out!

Ellie.. xx

Christmas looks.

So uni work FINISHED. Christmas shopping FINISHED. Christmas wrapping… well that’s gonna be done tomorrow. Now I can finally write about them party looks I was on about in my last post. NOTE: I did this whilst I was suffering from the flu so my eyebrows are scarily untamed and I have no mascara on and they’re not my best work – HOWEVER I will add some tips on how to improve them. Oh, and I have shot them with my eyes closed so you can get a better jist of how to apply it.


These looks focus on the green colour that is oh so popular at Christmas time!



eye 1



1) Apply a thick line of shadow on the top lash line and blend outward and upward to the end of your eyebrow.

2) Apply a small dusting of silver shadow lightly on the green shadow above the lash line – do not blend over the extended line.

3) Apply a very, very small line of liquid liner over the lash line.

4) Apply mascara as you wish.



Use a shadow line to apply the green shadow over the lash line and instead of blending, just use a brush for the extended line.

NOTE: A shadow line is a clear liquid eyeliner that you dip into a pigment to apply. ALWAYS CLEAN THE SHADOW LINE BRUSH BEFORE YOU DIP BACK INTO THE POT.



eye 2


1) Apply a green shadow half way on the lash line and blend outward and upward towards your eyebrow.

2) Blend the colour over the crease halfway.

3) Apply a bit more green shadow on the brush and blend the colour from the crease towards your outer corner and fill.

4) Apply lashings of mascara.


HOW TO IMPROVE:  Apply a very thin line of liquid liner under the green on your lash line. Tightline your eyes.



So the lesson learnt here today is – DON’T EXPECT MUCH FROM ME WHEN I AM ILL.


A few more ideas that don’t need pics are as follows.


1) Apply a highly pigmented red gloss over your lips for a touch of Christmas red for those who don’t like the boldness of lipstick!

2) Try adding a little gold or silver shadow over your usual lipstick or lipgloss around the top of your cupids bow and in the centre of your bottom lip for a truly gorgeous Christmassy pout!

3) Apply an illuminating face primer before your foundation for the essential Christmas glow. I’ve discovered a new one by Technic called “Prime It” which i’m dying to try! It’s very cheap at only £3.99 for 33 ml on LoveThyMakeup. It’s also got amazing reviews from like EVERYONE.


prime it



Got any Christmas make-up tips? Lemme know 😉

Ellie.. xx




Good news!

Hey hey hey 🙂

I only have today, tomorrow and Thursday left of uni and then it’s the Christmas holidays!


Anyway… since I am currently at uni writing this post, I did not bring a USB lead to hook up my phone and post some christmassy looks I tried out recently but they will be up very soon! They are all about showing the Christmas spirit through make-up whether you like to be bold or not. Think bright red lips for those more adventurous or forest greens for those who like the more subtle approach 😉

So right now i’m gonna to to take slight inspiration from Christmas merged with inspiration from one of THE PRETTIEST GIRLS ON THE WORLD….



Her lovely green eyed look here is Christmassy but super-glam at the time so here’s how to achieve it:

1) Apply an illuminating primer such as Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer £9.99 at Superdrug. It’s more pricey than others but I love it!

2) Apply a light coverage foundation or tinted moisturiser such as Nivea Visage tinted moisturising creme £3.65 at Superdrug. I’m loving Nivea’s make-up range right now!

3) Grab a bold, shimmery, green eyeshadow and apply all over the socket. Barry M Dazzle Dust is perfect for bold colours and they have the perfect shade called Bright Emerald for this look. £4.59 at Superdrug.

4) Blend the colour towards the outer corners creating a wing and blend it further under the bottom lash line. Use a very small brush like Barry M’s eyeliner brush £2.99 at Superdrug.

5) Line the upper and lower lash line quite thickly with a liquid liner. My favourite is Magic Ink by Benefit but at £14.50 – it’s not easily accessible on a budget.

Try this cute liquid liner with a hello kitty design if you haven’t got lots of cash to spend. It’s called Hello Kitty Eye Liner West to East Liquid and is £4.99 from Superdrug!

However, if you’re a bit of a liquid liner junkie like myself, invest in a high-end brand!

6) Tightline the eyes with a jet black eye pencil. Try MUA’s 3-in-1 contour pen for £1.50 exclusive to Superdrug.

7) Apply some big false lashes such as Girls With Attitude range, these ones are £4.59 at Superdrug.

Coat them with a volumising mascara or if your a false-lash-aphobe like me, just apply lashings of mascara!

8) Finally, apply a sheer coral shade of gloss. Barry M’s Lip gloss in Coral is £4.49 at Superdrug.

Anyway i’m off to slave over a news diary 😉 Wish me luck.

Ellie.. xx

Omg hey! It’s been a while…

I haven’t been able to pay attention to my blog lately because of the amount of work i’m doing at uni! Seriously, i’m swamped. This week i’m all about comfort because of how crap i’m feeling about the work but comfort usually means comfort food like Domino’s pizza which eventually means oily, spotty skin and me feeling more and more crap. So here’s how to feel comfortable whilst working with ways to make your skin and self feel refreshed and comfort food to make which won’t make your skin look awful. This post may seem un-important but stress and tiredness affect the way you look MASSIVELY!


Wash your face as soon as you wake-up with an energizing facial wash. Apply a refreshing toner and add a a dab of light moisturiser – nothing to heavy.

Have an ice cold drink every now and then. If you want something hot have a green tea – tasted horrible but is amazing for skin, health and makes you feel good. Try Twinings green tea with cranberry, JAM PACKED FULL of anti-oxidants and tastes a whole lot better than normal green tea. It’s actually quite tasty!

Do not apply make-up if you’re not going out much, make-up and stuff can make your face feel a bit cakey and it’s not good for your skin.

Every now and then (every 20 minutes or so) play a song or watch 5 minutes of tv – allow yourself a regular break! You’ll feel happier and you won’t get so tired.

Eat and drink regular to help you concentrate and take them ugly dark bags away from under your eyes.



1) Cheese and spring onion big fill sandwich.


You’ll need:

2 slices of bread (preferably wholemeal, granary or seeded.)

A big heaped tablespoon of light mayo.

Two heaped tablespoons of mature grated cheddar (reduced fat is best.)

2 spring onions sliced half length ways then finely sliced.

A very, very thin layer of flora or other spread, on each side of the bread.


How to make:

Mix in a bowl the mayo, cheese and spring onions.

Spread the mixture of the bread.


Quick, simple and super tasty!


2) Nutty tomato and carrot canapes.


You’ll need:

A big handful of pine nuts or halved walnuts, etc.

A level tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

A splash of lemon juice.

Three salad tomatoes.

Garlic and herb Philadelphia (or cream cheese with crushed garlic and a pinch of dried herbs.)

One or two carrots.


How to make:

Blend the nuts, oil and juice.

Cut the carrot into small circles.

Put a bit of the nut mixture between two circles and place on a plate.

Cut the tomatoes in half a spoon out the middles.

Fill the tomatoes with the Philadelphia and place on the plate.




3) Toasted marshmallow biscuits – THE ULTIMATE COMFORT FOOD.


You’ll need:

2 chocolate digestives per marshmallow.


How to make:

Place a marshmallow on a fondue stick or kebab stick or something similar.

Heat the marshmallow over the hob or a fire until it starts to brown nicely.

Wipe it off the stick between two chocolate digestives.




Anyway, back to uni work 😐 i’ll be back asap!

Ellie.. xx



Hair is not something I usually write about…

Hair. It’s always there. Unless you shave it off. You gotta do something with it and hair goes hand in hand with make-up. I’m gonna talk about some hairstyles and although i’ve done it before i’ve been a bit biased as i’ve always had long hair… but now I don’t.

OLD HAIR… Only picture I could find that my hair was see-able .


So here is some sexy styles for the short haired kind 😉


1) Straighten your hair POKER STRAIGHT.

2) Apply a small amount of product (wax, clay, putty) evenly through your hair.

3) Grab the top quarter/third of your hair (keep it messy) and tie it back at the middle of your head.

Sounds simple but it looks gurt lush.


I love the half shaved hair look but i’m too scared to have it myself… however, this look is just as beaut!

1) Section half of your hair (not layers but from the side) and clip it away from the other half.

2) From the half of your hair that is free, section a top layer about 1.5-2 inches wide, and clip it away or with the other clipped hair.

3) With the remaining free hair, separate it into at least 3 layers and twist each layer pinning it back.

4) Let down the clipped hair and style it to hide the clips of the twists.

Takes a lot of practice but looks super swish.


The reason these waves work for short hair is because parts of  the buns can fall out and make the waves look natural and stylishly messy!

1) Wash you hair and towel dry until it’s damp.

2) Section your hair (not in layers but like mini ponytails all around your hair) into different widths.

3) Apply a mousse or any other styling product you like (as long as it isn’t one for straightening).

4) Twist each section around your finger and either clip them in mini buns to your head or tie them into mini buns.

5) Either air dry or blow dry.

6) When dry unravel the buns and apply product if needed.



Your hair must be super smooth for this look!

1) Apply a shine booster product evenly over your hair.

2) Brush your hair to the bottom of your hair – NOT TO THE NECK.

4) With the hair that is longer than the bottom of your neck, pin underneath the rest of the hair so the bottom loops around and under. When all bits are pinned it should look a little bit like a seamless, low bun- but wider.

5) Around the middle of your head gather the hair carefully – making sure to not remove any hair from the pins and clip together with a decorative clip, e.g. a flower, a bow, etc.

6) Hairspray the hair paying extra attention the clipped hair on the bottom.

Let me know if you have any more ideas for short hair that I can try out!

Ellie.. xx


20’s/50’s inspired pin-up halloween look.

Halloween is nearly here so I thought i’d do a little tutorial for a 20’s/50’s inspired pin-up look. It’s not my BEST work but I put a lot of effort into doing this… I even curled my new super-short hair 😐 Anyway here goes:

1) Apply primer, foundation, concealer and powder. You want a flawless skin look for this but it’s best to go for shades that are slighter lighter than your face… old style pin-ups were pale. DO NOT APPLY BLUSHER OR BRONZER – you want to go for a porcelain look.

2) Apply a silver glittery shadow all over your socket going slightly above to the bottom of your brow bone.

3) Apply a very very dark silver matte shadow on your outer half of your eye going slightly out of the corners.

4) Apply a liquid liner very thick above your lash line. Wings are optional.

5) Apply eyeliner to your waterline and tickle your lashes so it goes slightly out of the rims. You can tightline of you wish.

6) Apply a traffic light red lipstick generously on your lips and coat with a red gloss.

7) Curl your hair for a finishing touch 🙂 Also you can add a “beauty spot” with liquid liner below your eye 🙂


PICTURES: I know i’m doing sidemouth AGAIN. Btw, my mouth looks rank in the bottom pic.