Everyday uni/work/school look. And jargon buster.

Sooo.. yeh, it’s been a while. Just at uni bored as bored can be since my lesson finished at 1 and my next one is at 6. I know, messed up timetable. On Mondays I go in for one lesson that lasts an hour 😐 Seriously, it takes me 3 hours on the tube and £10 to go to uni and I have an hours lesson. I went to the undergrad office today to see if there’s anything I can do and I waited for an hour before I got to the door and saw there was another zig-zag queue like the ones for loggers leap in thorpe park. Screw waiting for at least another hour. Anway, back to telling you and quick an easy everday look.

1) Apply base. Foudnation, concealer, powder and a slight hint of bronzer/blusher.

2) Line your lids with some liquid liner.

3) If you want to, you tightline your eyes (upper rims and waterline) and even tickle your lashes for a smudgy look.

4) Apply a lengthening mascara if you only applied the liquid eyeliner but you can use volumising if you tightlined.

5) Apply a nude or nude/rose lipstick (no foundation) on your lips and coat with a slick of clear or nude or slightly pink gloss.

Pretty simple right?

JARGON BUSTER. (For you people who don’t know what some techy make-up words mean.)

1) Tightline. Using a eyeliner on your upper rims and waterline.

2) Waterline. Your lower rims.

3) Hollows (of your cheeks.) When you suck in your cheeks, the part that sucks in the most.

4) Apples (of your cheeks.) The puffy bits that puff out when you smile.

5) Cheekbones. Have a look at my pictures on the about page and copy the “sidemouth pose”. The cheekbones are the stick out bits.

6) Feather (mascara technique.) When you do quick flicks of the wand it’ll create a pretty, natural look.

7) Crease. The bit on your eyelids where they go in just before the bottom of the brow bone.

8) Brow bone. Feel around your brows and you’ll feel the bone.

If you want any more jargon busted or shizzle, let me know 😉

9) Shizzle. A polite way of saying the swear word of poo. It means stuff.

People are saying I should write a blog on writing techniques and stuff. If you think it’s a good idea please comment and it’ll be done super speedy.

Have the most beautiful day,

Ellie.. xx


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