When you’re not allowed to use make-up…

I have an eye infection.

It sucks.

I went to work yesterday without a shred of make-up.


It was my birthday on the third and I got the new Easy Wax roll-on by Veet! Review coming soon! (<– That was totally irrelevant to this post but it just needed a mention ;))


Okay, so what happens when you can’t use make-up? Pamper your skin! When I exfoliate, then CTMM (cleanse, tone, moisturise, mask), my skin feels so lovely and it won’t irritate your skin if you use the right products, but you can’t use the same products everyday so for a pamper week I would recommend by starting the week with a CTMM, then try new home-made beauty products! Here’s a weeks guide to pampering your skin!

Day 1) CTMM.

Day 2) Google a home-made face mask recipe/have a look at one of my food posts/or try this spot-zapping, hydrating mask:

a) Grind some sunflower seeds or other super seeds coarsely.

b) Add a table spoon or two of talcum powder and add water drop by drop until it forms a paste.

c) Put in a couple of drops of tea tree oil.

d) Slather all over your face.

e) Wait for 3 minutes and wash off.

Day 3) Fill up a large mixing bowl with boiling water and a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil. Put your face over the bowl (but not touching the water obvs) and cover your hair with a towel so the towel covers the bowl. This beautifying steam treatment cleanses your skin perfectly!

Day 4) Instead of only paying attention to your face, love your whole skin! Use a home-made face mask for your legs!

a) Scrub your legs with a body scrub and rinse off.

b) Dry your legs vigorously with a towel. (Using vigorous movements will get rid of dead/dry skin.

c) Apply the mask to your legs and wrap with cling film.

d) After ten minutes – rinse off.

e) Moisturise your legs and feel how soft your legs are!

Day 5) Do a nice, long, hard work-out! The sweat releases nasty toxins from your skin and after your work out try and sauna or steam room if possible. It will relax you and make you sweat even more!

Day 6) Hand and feet time! Pumice stones are non-harsh ways of making your mains (hands) and pieds (feet) super soft and dead skin free! After using that pumice for all its worth – moisturise to the max and cover them with gloves and socks for a couple of hours!

Day 7) CTMM all over again!


Hope your enjoyed my pampering post so you don’t feel left out when you can’t use make-up!

Ellie.. xx




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